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More on Aries, the Ram

Aries Aries Tarotscope for May 2017

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Knight of Pentacles

There are some tensions and disappointments in certain relationships that occur around money this month. You will be victorious in this matter and you will be totally vindicated from fault. The sorrow around this disturbance is mainly in relation to being disappointed in the person, or people, who initiated this upset. Just remember that you are not the problem in this incident.
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The Hanged Man

Reason shall arise this month that requires you to make some sort of sacrifice in your career management. It could be a minor health issue that has you temporarily suspending some aspect of your work. This will not be any major loss for you and you'll understand the wisdom in looking after yourself. It won't be long till you'll make up for any losses.
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Eight of Pentacles

You are working away quite happily in May and the money is appropriate to your efforts. You think you've lost more than you actually have. Make the necessary connections and you'll find that your income is back to its previous acceptable balance. In fact new opportunities will open to you.
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Knight of Swords

Although our Rams know that they need to think first and take action later in many circumstances, the issue we spoke of arising in your sector of romance and relationship will find you needing to take swift action to defend, not just yourself, but also your sense of ethics and principles. As we've said above, you will be victorious and problems thrown across your path will be easily overcome. "Trust yourself" is part of the message for you through these events.

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