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More on Aries, the Ram

Aries Aries Tarotscope for March 2017

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Ten of Swords

This is not the jolliest month ahead for you, dear Aries. For many it will be that trouble arises with a very draining person, or people, and you'll need to really protect your energies and clearly hold your boundaries. You may even come to an awareness that you must actually exit this relationship in order to achieve that self-protection. To do so might make you sad, but you'll see clearly that it also keeps you emotionally healthy.
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Nine of Pentacles

After a period of withdrawal from much of your work, as the month begins everything is going well in your career sector. Yet, you will find an aspect of your work has ceased to be available to you, for no reason of your own. You will pick up more work to make up for this loss, but it may take a little time.
Go to Top Finance
Ace of Pentacles

You've got money. You also have very good luck where maintaining income is concerned. This month will however see you having to sacrifice some of that money, more than makes you comfortable, and this will be for matters of family need. Have faith that what you have sacrificed will be made up for once the family issue is completed.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Five of Pentacles

You are rather determined to refocus on strengthening your financial position this month. But you do need to take time out for yourself in order to do a bit of emotional healing after some difficult time with family or other loved ones. Your energies have been somewhat depleted and it will be your spiritual understandings that lead you to healing.

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