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More on Aries, the Ram

Aries Aries Tarotscope for December 2016

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Seven of Wands

You will find you have reason this month to stand your ground and defend yourself in relation to interaction amongst loved ones. It would be easy for you to lose confidence around this situation, but I urge you to investigate the opinion of certain others and to allow for where you might have done better, but also to distinguish between that fault which belongs in your lap and that which clearly belongs in the lap of another. Do not take on blame that is not actually yours. Silence is golden in such situations, except where your boundaries are being breached.
Go to Top Career
Two of Swords

There's a distinct picture of restriction, stress and difficulty around your career this month, Aries. Yet, money comes your way, as it's needed. You may have to give battle to maintain that income, due to some sort of misunderstanding. With the help of old friends and family you will win that battle and apart from having experienced the stress at that time, all will be well.
Go to Top Finance
Queen of Pentacles

Well, there's certainly money there for you, Aries, and this comes after a period of extreme change in your work-life. It seems you'll find a particularly deep friendship or partnership in connection to this income. You may need to negotiate around conflict as the month progresses and accept a bit of a sacrifice in order to maintain harmony in the longer term.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Three of Wands

You have two or three friends with whom you work and play in joy and harmony. The time of stress that occurs this month is a time when these friends are of major support to you. The circumstances and events you experience in December are bound to bring about significant change and growth for you on a spiritual level. Destiny has its gentle hand upon you and on this time.

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