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Aries Aries Tarotscope for November 2016

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Six of Pentacles

Money is going to come your way this month and it will be from unexpected sources. Most crucially, it's financial relief just when you need it most. An event will occur this month that sees you forced to be reliant on others. Yet, the events as they unfold in November will bring great warmth to your heart as you observe just how much love and support is around for you. A strong relationship or friendship will emerge as a result.
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Eight of Swords

What has been your career vector to date will come to an abrupt end this month. You will be limited in some way, or bound in such a way that you will be unable, for a period of time, to fulfil your work obligations. Yet, out of this apparent restriction comes a supportive relationship that truly makes up for any distress that your temporary restriction in career has imposed. This will be a strangely happy time.
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The Fool

The Fool can be something of a double-edged sword in this sector. Has wisdom monitored your savings capacity? Because the more diligently you've prepared for the possible need of a rainy day nest-egg, the more comfortable you'll be during November. As has been said, you'll find all the support you'll need and yet the attitude of carefree faith in providence that the fool can represent will also suit you well.
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King of Pentacles

As we've said before, your need for money at this time will be met, but it will also be a time where you'll find yourself reviewing your previous behaviour around money and adopting new strategies and behaviours around savings in the future. You are likely to become less subject to impulse shopping and much more content with what you already have. This is a good time for the growth of wisdom and trust in divine providence.

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