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Aries Aries Tarotscope for January 2017

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Ace of Swords

You're standing strong and organising your life well, but you seem to be feeling rather lonely and unsupported at this time. Yet, you also seem to be surrounded by incoming money and this certainly cheers you up at a lonely time. It won't be long till problems with a young person are solved and your wishes for joy with loved ones come to pass.
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A big regeneration and renewal is coming in your career sector this month. But one of the many things Temperance indicates is that you need to take it slowly at first and not overburden yourself with more work than you can cope with straight away. Because you've been rather bored and limited in recent times, it will be a temptation to push yourself too much, too soon. Undertake the renewal softly and slowly.
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Two of Wands

Money comes to you around this time with a distinct overseas connection, but it won't come without a battle with certain quarters who'd oppose it because of personal greed. You do win the battle, but not without a level of disappointment in those who opposed you. You might well travel as the month progresses and this would bring about a further financial win.
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Page of Cups

Okay. You've a few issues that require your strength and self-assertion in order to protect your rights and interests. You will be strong and direct even though you may feel wobbly inside; no one will see your disquiet. This is an important lesson in quiet self-assertion and you'll receive more than just wisdom and self confidence through these events, you'll also achieve financially.

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