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by Suzanna Collins

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Aries Monthly Forecast for April 2017

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Go to Top Happy Birthday!
Dynamic Rams kick the month into action with the Sun in Aries, your 1st house of personality. Happy Solar Birthday! Not only will be a social time, but you will be looking ahead towards your personal needs. Improvement and growth in the way you display your self-image, confidence and personality are in the frame. You'll feel more energized to put your best foot forward, not only physically but also mentally for the year ahead. Review the way you connect with other people, and work on your relationships, partnerships and long term plans. Mercury will turn retrograde in business-minded Taurus on the 9th, slipping back into Aries on the 20th. Mercury turns direct in Aries on May 3rd, returning to Taurus on May 16th when negotiations on finances will need to be fine-tuned. You'll get a better idea on financial plans after May 21st.

From the 7th to the 9th, building up to the Full Moon, you must contend with emotional changes in relationship, law issues and agreements. This will also apply to your career direction and your employer, as well as dealings with authorities. The 13th to the 15th encourages you to spark up your individualism and do something out of the norm that pleases you. From the 15th to the 18th, with Venus going direct in Pisces, you'll be able to pick up your compassionate heart, show sympathy to those in need and mend past relationship dilemmas. Overlapping with this, take a realistic view of your life and ideals, plans to travel, study, teaching, politics and interests in philosophy.

The Full Moon on the 11th comes in stylish Libra, your 7th house of significant commitments. For April, it is often referred to as the Full Pink Moon from the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers to appear in spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Other given names include Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon and among the coastal tribes as the Fish Moon because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.

This Full Moon shines her light on your relationships and partnerships, as well as legal agreements and actual open confrontation. Jolly Jupiter is retrograde in your 7th house until June 9th, when the Planetary Giant goes direct, rousing dormant but important issues that need to be addressed. Meanwhile unpredictable Uranus in your 1st house triggers exciting yet unexpected changes, a need to express your individuality, and breaking away from conventional traditions and obligations. Consultations, litigation, contractual negotiations and reaching compromises will come under light. Some Rams may announce a commitment, get engaged or rush into a marriage. Don't take partners and others for granted, without considering their needs. It's not wise to inflate the prospects of relationships or joint ventures, nor to overestimate the help and input you will receive from others.

On the 19th, the Sun moves out of Aries into earthy Taurus, your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. During the next four weeks, your energy will be directed towards making the most of your income, watching expenditure and earning extra income. However, with Mars also in your 2nd house until the 20th, impulsive spending and unexpected bills are in the wind, so be thrifty where possible, draw up a budget, and avoid chasing those get-rich-quick schemes and speculations.

The 26th sees a New Moon in Taurus, your 2nd house. Play it safe with money matters, discussions on investments over the next two weeks, and ensure there are no misunderstandings. This is a new phase but delays are likely to hamper your ideas in moving forward. Take a closer view of where you are heading with finances, your source of income and earning capacity. It won't be a good time for decision-making, signing off finance documents or making commitments.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury remains in Taurus, your 2nd house, but turns retrograde on the 9th. This is that time of year when negotiations on your finances need further work. With Venus also undergoing a retrograde phase, you might find yourself discontented over career and relationship agreements. Clear any misunderstandings that occurred from March 23rd to 25th that have resurfaced for further discussion. Try to avoid any major purchases, joint partnership investments, financial commitments, and loans. There may be trouble accessing money, changes to your earnings, or legal differences and relationship concerns.

The Cosmic Prankster then re-enters Aries, your 1st house of personality, on April 20th. Your personal ideas and plans for the future will need to be revisited. Check all paperwork, information and facts. Don't be surprised if you are somewhat irritable and prone to arguing from April 27th to the 30th. Mercury turns direct in Aries on May 3rd.
Go to Top Venus Retrograde
Venus remains retrograde in Aries before commencing the second part of the Venus retrograde phase in Pisces, your 12th house, from April 3rd to April 27th. You'll feel like withdrawing from love relationships, although people from the past may re-enter your life, or a past-life experience may emerge. A secret love relationship is not out of the question. Sharing the feelings that you have for someone is in the frame. I do not advise starting up new relationships, becoming engaged, or signing up a new agreement, as Mercury will also be in a retrograde phase.

Keep a brave face and show patience; find understanding and compassion towards those who are less fortunate. Creative projects behind the scenes could possibly do with a final touch up. Spend time recharging your emotional batteries, or caring for a partner during an illness. From April 6th to the 25th, Venus squares stern Saturn, even though Venus turns direct on the April 15th in Pisces. This is a significant aspect. Keep a brave face, because your dreams and higher principles are likely to be thwarted by unpleasant circumstances. The effects of this retrograde phase will be felt until April 15th, when Venus returns to 26°54' of Pisces, where she first made her station. This is called the "Shadow Period", which, especially just after the direct station, can be as intense as the actual retro phase. On the 28th, Venus will move back into Aries bringing back that charm of yours.
Go to Top Financial Priorities
Mighty Mars, your planetary ruler, remains in Taurus activating your 2nd house. With Mercury and Venus retrograde, you need to keep a watch on your financial dealings and purchases. Avoid rushing off to buy something which is beyond your means if it requires a repayment plan. You may have to work harder to obtain your financial goals, commitments and pay the bills. Manage your money by evaluating your budget, or set up a savings plan. Do a spreadsheet and list your priorities. From the 5th to the 8th you'll have added creative energy to excel in your career, impress authorities and deal with money matters.

On the 21st the Warrior heads into intelligent Gemini, your 3rd house of communication. This will give your mental activities more zing, as you find yourself gathering information and presenting ideas. Your daily life will be abuzz with phone calls, travel, attending to transportation, or the purchase or sale of a car. You may develop new skills with machinery, computers, mobile phones or other telecommunications at this time. You'll be more forthright in what you say, but don't appear to be arrogant in defending your ideals and concepts. Why not try your hand at writing, or setting your thoughts out in a blog? There may be a need to attend to a child's education. Problems may present themselves through travel, your local community, neighbours, siblings or other relatives.
Go to Top Dragon's Head and Tail
The Moon's Nodes, also known as the Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail, normally travel in retrograde fashion and are about to change signs. This is a big deal. The North Node/South Node axis is a karmic significator and is particularly potent just before switching signs. The effects of this change will be felt most strongly as the Mean Node transits the first degree of Virgo, your 6th house of work, dealing with subordinates and with the services (military, police and nursing for example), as well as your health between the 10th and the 28th of April. It generates potential crises connected with these areas and thanks to the effects of the South Node in the first degree of Pisces, will stimulate your hidden issues, including subconscious fears, anxieties and secrets, having a substantial effect on your dealings with institutions and the underprivileged. The Mean Node will move from picky Virgo into proud Leo on April the 29th, with the True Node following suit on May 9th. By this date, the crises should be well on their way to resolution.

With the North Node in Leo, your 5th house, and the South Node in your 11th for the next 18 months or so, karmic connections come into play with new friends, associations, romantic attractions, strong love relationships, your involvement in group activities, creativity, hopes, goals and aspirations. Apply your individuality, and focus on achieving your dreams. Some connections will feel fated, opening up doorways of the past. It will signify a shift in your circle of friends, heralding a strong link with people who will may impact your life in some way.

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