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More on Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

Aquarius Aquarius Tarotscope for June 2017

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Go to Top Romance and Relationship
Seven of Pentacles

You've really put a lot into growing a certain relationship and you're waiting for fruition. June is the month when you'll see your past efforts and dedication to your own emotional growth bring about a glad success. Love with a big 'L' is the signature feeling in your heart and your life in general. Do remain realistic though, because love always comes with certain sacrifices and burdens, but that's part of the lesson and the enrichment.
Go to Top Career
The Moon

There's an area in your career that you've had suspicions around concerning current emolument or possibly the veracity of promises about future work. Look into it Water-Bearer, because your instincts are correct. Once you nail the issue, what is rightfully yours will be returned to you. You may choose to exit this particular area of work rather than risk another deception.
Go to Top Finance
Queen of Pentacles

A new endeavour, which has the promise of great potential, is on your mind at this point and you're quite excited. You have the money necessary to fulfil the needs of this project and you'll find more money is on the way. But there's a danger you'll feel so positive that you take an unnecessary risk. Don't. Be circumspect and work to the original budget or the project will be at risk.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Sun

Yes, the Sun shines in your heart and upon a special relationship. Enjoy it while it's all honey and roses, because this relationship won't be without fights and attempted manipulations, even power struggles. The make-up phase will no doubt be quite delightful, but just how much drama are you prepared to put up with in a relationship, because there will be quite a bit.

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