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More on Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

Aquarius Aquarius Tarotscope for May 2017

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The Tower

A circumstance or relationship that you assumed was underpinned solidly will come atumble this month. This will induce you to revisit the simple values of your past, even your childhood, in order to restructure your relational and emotional boundaries in accord with your most fundamental idea of what is right. Work on your psychological structures will bring advanced knowledge of self and your relational needs.
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Five of Pentacles

Recent expenditures, likely for many to be around real estate, mean that you really do need to brush up the career momentum. Although this will begin as a distressing period, it won't be long before whole new career opportunities open out before you. It will be your innovative energy and ideas that generate the circumstances which will certainly bring about your career and financial renewal.
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Page of Wands

Money issues resolve themselves and this month we see the news of such acquisition coming your way. This brings about a positive change in your general feeling of wellbeing and positivity. A journey, probably into the country or a nature reserve, will regenerate your spirits and the great news is that you can well afford it.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Three of Wands

A period of withdrawal in order to remember who you really are brings about the attraction of at least three people who are loving and supportive of you. It is with the help of these people you come to understand that what you assume has added up to a major loss has in fact grown you into greater wisdom than you held before. Once you've gotten over grieving a specific loss a whole new period of growth and joy will be yours.

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