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More on Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

Aquarius Aquarius Tarotscope for March 2018

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Go to Top Romance and Relationship
Seven of Cups

Well Aquarius, we've been living in fantasyland over a possible relationship for some while now, haven't we? Now is the time when those scales will fall from your eyes and you'll be left with no option but to get realistic. Actually this will be a freeing up of your heart, which will lead to greater things.
Go to Top Career
Five of Swords

You'll be waging a battle with persons involved in your career aspirations. It's not something you'd choose to be involved in but you were actually left with no choice. Someone has been less than straightforward with you and you must confront this and sort it out. You will win this battle but you may well choose to move forward from this involvement and try a more independent mode of managing your work.
Go to Top Finance
Five of Cups

You'll be putting some energy into reviewing your financial position this month. There have been some unexpected expenditures and in the light of changes occurring in your work circumstances you feel the need to rebalance the budget. You're good at this and you'll find there's more in the bank than you'd thought. All up your harvest is rich and will remain so.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ten of Cups

Home and family mean a great deal to you and this tends to be where you get your highest heart involvement. There’s a change coming up however that could mean a division between you and loved ones. Your hopes are that you can avoid this division and you’ll likely make choices to fulfil that hope.

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