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More on Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

Aquarius Aquarius Tarotscope for December 2016

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Six of Wands

So, you win a victory around an emotional or romantic situation. But is that win all you'd hoped it might be? Somehow you're more alone once you've won your victory than you were prior to such a win. In fact you end up in a state of exhaustion and stress as a result of getting what you want. A richer emotional harvest is available to you, once you face a less-than-welcome reality.
Go to Top Career
King of Swords

The hand of destiny is upon this sector for Aquarius. Although you've been quite happy with your home situation, it's time to begin putting the foundations into a regeneration and renewal of that career of yours. You will come up with some fine ideas and you'll also be inundated with interesting offers. It's your rather excellent business mind that will be applied to choosing your actions. It's all good.
Go to Top Finance
Page of Wands

You receive news this month that a battle you've waged for money owed has been won. This brings you greater peace of mind and heart. You'll feel a fancy to get deep into nature and you'll likely not be alone as you enjoy the break that this good news has allowed you to take. We see a very contented Aquarius over this period of time.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
King of Swords

This month sees you walk away from something or someone that has meant a great deal to you for some while. Actually, when the scales fall from your eyes around the facts concerning the situation, you'll end up feeling that you've had a lucky escape from a proverbial bullet. Everything looks up from here.

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