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More on Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

Aquarius Aquarius Tarotscope for November 2016

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Four of Wands

Someone has stolen something from you. Namely your peace of mind and heart. At this time you'll find much solace by treasuring your home and your near and dear. It will be a time for entertaining friends and loved ones in the home and sharing the bounty that is yours. The opportunity of a journey should be taken, as it will end up giving you reason to celebrate.
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The Hierophant

You've developed yourself and your skills to a degree that makes you quite the expert. There will be those who wish to learn what you have to teach. Even though the initial implementation of such teaching might feel a bit ordinary, just wait, because as you progress with this idea you'll find an unexpected win coming your way.
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King of Cups

You're always at ease around your finances, because you've always experienced divine providence supporting you to have what you need when you need it. Having a number of ways to earn money and much of this under your independent control, you can be quite self-motivating as you need to. Now is no exception. Toward the end of the month you will find new worlds of opportunity offered to you and the result will be very enriching on many levels.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
King of Cups

It's your connection with a friend or partner who is deeply involved with matters of spiritual exploration that informs your spiritual discoveries. The nobility of your guiding higher self deserves further investigation from you, Aquarius. No one can do that for you; even though a psychic can speak to you on its behalf, it is your connection and communication with that higher self that needs attention at this time. Wonderful worlds stand ready for your awakening.

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