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by Suzanna Collins

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Aquarius Monthly Forecast for December 2017

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Go to Top Season's Greetings to all!
It's the last month of the year, dear Water-Bearers, a time of festivities, gift giving and peace-making. Have a Merry Christmas! This month will focus on friends, hopes and wishes with the Sun in easy-going Sagittarius, your 11th house. This is the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, make new connections and be involved in social gatherings, especially with your favourite group of people. The aspects in the first three weeks will highlight the importance of friendships and being on the same level so that you can share your interests, stories and be involved as a team player. You will want to move forward with your future dreams, perhaps meeting that special person or love attraction that will bring happiness to you. Get ready for merry-making, attending events and parties.

The month starts with the Goddess Venus dancing into Sagittarius, your 11th house. This will be wonderful for love attractions and enjoying yourself in a relaxed atmosphere with friends. Then on the 3rd comes a Full Moon in flirty Gemini your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation. At the same time Mercury turns retrograde in your 11th house, when some sweet talking could get you out of trouble, as you peer through foggy situations without letting heated emotional dramas take over. From the 15th to the 17th, explore different avenues of interest, travel and open your mind to new ideas. The arrival of the New Moon on the 18th will see you take a new direction with your love life, friendships, social activities, and children who are not necessarily your own biological offspring. From the 20th to the 23rd, reality may hit you or you may feel like putting the past behind you. At the same time, you will be looking for excitement in day to day tasks, communication and meet up with someone who takes your fancy.

However, on the 20th your life-ruler Saturn, Lord of Karma, moves into Capricorn creating new structures in your 12th house until 17th December, 2020. I should say here that Saturn will be stopping over in Aquarius between March 23 to July 1, 2020, but that's just a brief break before the pressure goes back on for some ensuing months. This influence has as much to do with the past as it does with the present. It urges you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. You'll need to confront what is hidden from others, whether deliberately or inadvertently. You must face your fears and worries, resolving issues from the past that continue to weaken your happiness and productivity, and deal responsibly with loss and disappointment. If you have taken refuge in self-pity and guilt in the past, you will have to rid yourself of these destructive habits during this long period of time. It is worth noting that this is not a phase in which you should expect others to notice or applaud your struggles and successes.

The 3rd sees the Full Moon in Gemini, a Super Moon in your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation. The Full Moon for December is known as the Full Cold Moon, Yule or Christmas Moon, Snow Moon, Peach Moon, Bitter Moon or Full Long Nights Moon. In the Northern Hemisphere, December is the month when the coldness of winter fastens its hold and nights are at their longest and darkest. The mid-winter Full Moon has a trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun in the lead up to the Solstice. This means that it is the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing the longest day at the Summer Solstice on the 21st.

It will be a powerful Full Moon activating the stellium in your 11th house, which will trigger off an emotional display within friendships, love attractions, and existing relationships. With Mercury also turning retrograde on the 3rd, plus Saturn in your 11th house, it will be time to mend old wounds and misinterpretations. An old friend could leave your circle. It's the time for emotional ups and downs. You may have gained wisdom over time, but a realistic approach to money matters has eluded you. With that said, news of a birth could come your way. You'll be enjoying activities with children, and exceptionally creative with projects and hobbies. Your popularity will be on a high note. Romance and appreciating the arts and music is also in the frame.

The 18th sees the New Moon in Sagittarius, your 11th house. This will be a memorable New Moon activating a stellium, a kaleidoscope of planets including the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, with Pluto awakened a few days later. Over the next two weeks, with Christmas on your doorstep you will want to win friends and influence people. It will be time to light up your social life, start a new romance, liven up an existing relationship and be a party animal. You need emotional support from those that you care about, so join in group celebrations and make sure you wear a party hat! Express what you would like to do in the coming months. Start setting goals for 2018, turn a new leaf and let bygones be bygones. There will nevertheless be a few things to get straight, so get into some serious talks, clearing away differences of opinion.

On the 21st at the Solstice, the Sun moves into reserved Capricorn, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and sub-conscious motivations. Over the next few weeks, your mood is likely to change as you withdraw from the outside world. You will have plenty of things to ponder over, including your inner fears, doubts, and past circumstances. Now you can concern yourself with activities in the background, gearing yourself for 2018 and having rest and recreation while you challenge your innermost anxieties.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury remains in Sagittarius, your 11th house, at the start. Mercury joins Taskmaster Saturn from the 1st to the 8th, putting a damper on your activities. You'll find relationships strained, problems with other people's children and a general lack of interest in activating your hopes and dreams. Mercury turns retrograde at the Full Moon on the 3rd, so projects will be slower to achieve as you will be more critical than usual, even nit-picky over small things which could lead to difficulties with others. News that you receive could be disappointing and will revolve around talks from November 25th to the 30th. You may have to regroup your thoughts and present new ideas from December 10th to the 12th. Mercury returns to direct motion on December 23rd, but will remain in a shadow phase until January 11th, 2018.
Go to Top Join In
On the 1st, the divine Venus enters Sagittarius, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes, having fun there up to the 24th. Now this is the time to socialise, go to parties and events and boost your friendships, love relationships, groups and to gain support. Take up the invitations, and join in the fun, be it recreational or otherwise. Romantic attractions are in the stars while existing relationships will thrive. From the 10th to the 11th, you might have a flight of fancy when it comes to spending money. Hold off any important decisions with finances. Associations could be of advantage in inspiring you towards the right direction to build on your dreams and goals for the future.

On the 25th, the Goddess slips into Capricorn, your 12th house. You will find solace in keeping your activities hidden behind the scenes, while you build up your emotional strongpoints. After a busy few weeks, it could well be more comforting to stay out of the social arena. You may have concerns over a past love relationship, or being in touch with someone from the past. A secret love affair may blossom. Remember to be compassionate. It's the right time to do charity work or entertain the elderly in hospital. From the 25th to the 27th, you may experience problems expressing your true feelings, feeling restricted or shy with those around you. There could be a separation from a loved one, or you could just have a pang of the blues.
Go to Top Full Steam Ahead
Bold Mars remains in charming Libra at the start, activating your 9th house of the higher mind. Your adventures and knowledge-seeking will start winding down, but benefits have been gained through your experiences and learning about diverse cultures, the political arena, justice and metaphysics. Up to the 4th, beware of accidents while travelling, curb your impatience to get to where you're heading and don't get caught up in disagreements over belief systems.

On the 9th, Mars strides home to Scorpio, your 10th house of career and ambitions. It will be full steam ahead up to January 25th. You will work harder than ever, being driven to achieve your goals even if it means upsetting those around you including authorities, your employer or with the public in some way. You'll want to take the lead and be in control, even if it means getting into confrontations. Protect your reputation, be less impulsive and reactive when dealing with others. From the 26th to the 29th, you will be less concerned about values, but will be a helpful soul, making this time of year a collective celebration.

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