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by Suzanna Collins

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Aquarius Monthly Forecast for January 2017

(If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)
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Go to Top Happy New Year, Aquarius!
The Water-Bearer starts the year with the Sun in Capricorn, along with Mercury retrograde in your 12th house of hidden matters. The first week into the New Year will be complex, starting with unexpected news that leaves you disgruntled, whether upset over an argument or finding out about a secret. There will be subtle influences from those wielding power in your life, probably a male or some figurehead. It will clear some of the old fears and secrets that have been plaguing you, however confronting they may appear to be.

You would rather be left to your own devices, setting aside rest periods and reflecting over the past year. Situations and things that people have said and done may have left a deep imprint, causing phobias, guilt trips, and worries. Instead of sinking under the weight, enter your inner vault of strength and immerse yourself in analysing memories and emotional responses to your current way of life. Working with institutions and charities is one way of showing sympathy and understanding the experiences of other people.

The Full Moon on the 12th comes in moody Cancer, your 6th house of work and health. Review your established health patterns, diet and exercise. An emotional flurry may see positive changes to your routine, but in the process don't react by overeating to compensate. Make an appointment with your doctor and have a medical check-up. Work conditions and tasks may be at the point where you have over-invested your emotional energy. If this is causing anxiety, make suitable changes to your daily routine to alleviate any undue stress.

On the 19th, the Sun steps into inventive Aquarius, your 1st house of personality. Look forward to a change of pace, for it will be a refreshing start generating renewed energy and vitality. It will be time to step into the limelight and climb the social ladder. You'll be in your comfort zone, impressing those that matter. On the 22nd and 23rd, an ideal time emerges to touch base with old friends, groups and associations you have dealt with. They could give you valuable directions in helping you attain your goals and look at areas that have been on the backburner.

The New Moon on the 28th will also be in Aquarius, so over the coming weeks you will project a new image. It won't be startling but will be progressive, with people taking note that there is something different about you. A perfect start for your list of New Year's Resolutions as you initiate plans for the year ahead. Get ready to be the life of the party!
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury sets out retrograde in Capricorn, your twelfth house of secrets, where you have kept your subconscious drives and thoughts hidden, reaching a level of deeper understanding. The Divine Messenger swiftly livens up the pace on the 4th as he reverses into fiery Sagittarius. Communications and activities with friends will be subject to a dash of confusion, missed dates and other mixups. Interactions or travel with children, especially children that are not biologically yours but for whom you have responsibility, need extra attention. Activities in clubs and associations, such as fundraising, membership drives, or newsletters may be on your agenda, but be sure to keep track of the dates and other details.

Mercury remains retrograde until he reaches his direct station on the 8th, after which the Cosmic Communicator begins to crawl forward once more, reaching Capricorn again at the Full Moon on January 12th. You may not be inclined to share your thoughts, at least until the New Moon in your sign on 28th Gathering information about the past or contact with people from your past is still a prospect. Messages you receive may be very subtle or contain hidden meanings meant only for you. Follow your intuition, get in touch with your subconscious, and pay closer attention to your dreams..
Go to Top Extravagance and Indulgence
Lovely Venus begins the month in your sign, inviting you to show your personal magnetism, beauty, creativity and harmony. It's a great start to the year and will embody your personal goals. Come out from behind closed curtains to reveal your confidence and self-image. Don't deny yourself the joys of being attractive, positive and spontaneous!

On the 3rd sensual Venus steps into extravagant Pisces, your 2nd house of personal finances and values, bringing varying degrees of indulgence in your spending. Personal finances, friendships, and your values are going to be stressed this month, especially with pushy Mars in there too. The urge to purchase luxury items is in the frame.. More money than usual is also apt to be spent on social or cultural events, or to enhance your appearance and the attractiveness of your environment. The issue of wealth connected with social status may arise is some form. Other considerations you may have include joint income or the finances of a joint venture of one kind or another. Should financial matters be disrupted, you have to play the role of peace-maker. A word of caution: keep your expenses to a minimum.
Go to Top Financial Focus
Dynamic Mars begins the month in Pisces. Your energy will be focused on striving to achieve an improvement in your earnings and possessions, but after the 3rd, the whirling dance of Venus will urge you to throw caution to the winds. Be sure to get your bank and financial papers organised. Go through bills and accounts and make payments, or take some sort of action regarding debts, assets, and income. You'll be working overtime, seeking an additional job, or doing whatever is necessary to earn money.

On the 19th, the Sun steps into your sign, thank heavens! Tat brings a rush of confidence, but Mars and Saturn square off against each other, forcing you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. You reassign your priorities and your satisfaction with your career. The effort you must make to attain your long-range goals, and the role you play in the lives of other people are both under the gun. A strain is to be expected in the relationships and activities that are not making you happy. Lack of preparation, planning, and organization, whether on your part or that of others, causes problems. Bad timing is one of the biggest obstacles to progress. Males in particular may physically resist or threaten your seniority or position of authority -- and you won't like that! Nevertheless, you will eventually succeed, even if it is because your maturity and experience keep you going until you do.

At the New Moon in your sign on January 28th, not only does Mercury skip out of his shadow phase, but mighty Mars strides into fiery Aries. Your actions can further your career, or lead to the recognition of your individuality and talent. Demonstrate courage, integrity and loyalty, and defend your principles. The ego-lift you get, or the goals you attain in February, come through men or a male, or from competitive and aggressive situations. You need to circulate among a wide variety of people to attract the opportunity you're looking for. Get out and make things happen!

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