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by Rob Tillett

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Aquarius Aquarius Daily September 2017
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Daily forecasts for September 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopFri Sep 1: Love Yourself Too
As the sensitive Moon passes through your twelfth house of spirituality, make the time and effort to love yourself. After work, spend time relaxing and taking care of your own personal needs. You can't be any good to others if you haven't been good to yourself, so allow plenty of time to just be. Don't push yourself today. Lucky colours are lavender and silver. Lucky numbers are 39 and 48.
Go to TopSat Sep 2: Lunar Energy
You should be gifted with incredible presence as the Moon passes into your first house of personality and you positively glow with lunar energy. Make the most of this time to shine. A challenge you are presented with at work can be turned around in your favour. People will be more willing to hear your side of the story, so don't be afraid to express yourself honestly. Lucky colours are orange and bronze. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
Go to TopSun Sep 3: Basic Drive
Dreams you have in the early morning hours may tell you a lot about your inner motivations. You don't have to agree with Freud to know that sex is a basic drive that motivates much of our activity. Spend time analysing and meditating on the impressions your dreams leave you with this morning. You might find in them a key to improving your life. Lucky colours are cranberry and brown. Lucky numbers are 21 and 34.
Go to TopMon Sep 4: Animal Magnetism
The Moon lights up your first house of personality, helping you to shine like the star you are. Your magnetism will be irresistible, especially to the Neptune ruled and those strongly influence by Aquarius. Enjoy the effect you have on your adoring public. Everyone should have a turn in the spotlight, and today is yours. Lucky colours are red and gold. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Go to TopTue Sep 5: Mercury Turns Direct
As Mercury turns direct after a retro phase, Mars enters Virgo. The most likely areas of your concentrated efforts include sex, money, and financial as well as psychological analysis. A partner's income or jointly-held property may require more attention. You need to collect debts and favours owed to you, or make arrangements for repayment of your own debts. Issues concerning insurance, taxes, inheritance, or money that you manage for others may also demand more of your time and attention in coming weeks. Lucky colours are charcoal grey and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 6 and 37.
Go to TopWed Sep 6: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon activates the energy in your eighth house of sex, money and power as well as your personal finances and values, so you'll need to pay attention to your gut instincts when it comes to these matters. If you are involved in a power struggle, step back today before you get in too deep. Be careful with your finances. Often the best way to win is simply not to play the game. Lucky colours are wine and brown. Lucky numbers are 26 and 36.
Go to TopThu Sep 7: Resourceful
The Moon activates your second house of personal finances, urging you to be more resourceful. You may need to delay instant gratification and put away your credit cards for a while; many Aquarians have been blissfully overspending on pleasures. A feeling of guilt may overwhelm you if your spending becomes excessive. Lucky colours are green and rose. Lucky numbers are 20 and 23.
Go to TopFri Sep 8: Romantic Surprises
Words of love flow easily while the Moon passes through dynamic Aries, your third house of communication. The cosmos is encouraging thoughtful and romantic surprises from your mate. Spending time with neighbours and siblings should also be rewarding. Try not to let career concerns ruin what should otherwise be a warm and friendly day. Lucky colours are yellow and blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 32.
Go to TopSat Sep 9: Unpredictable
Today may seem unusually fast paced as the impressionable Moon reacts to unpredictable Uranus. If someone asks you for a favour, make your immediate response non-committal and then think carefully before you say yes. If you over burden yourself you may end up injuring yourself or making frustrating mistakes. By this evening you will be ready for a well-deserved rest. Lucky colours are yellow and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 25 and 41.
Go to TopSun Sep 10: Live In The Now
You may find yourself turning inward as the Moon moves through sensual Taurus and your fourth house of home and family. This is a good day to take care of your personal business. There'll be lots to think about, especially where your inner self is concerned. Put effort into solving the mystery of you. Dreams will be revealing, so write them down upon waking. Discussions or plans related to your joint financial situation are on the cards. Live in the now. Lucky colours are green and ivory. Lucky numbers are 4 and 29.
Go to TopMon Sep 11: Home and Away
Here's a great opportunity to cultivate people of power and influence. That doesn't mean shamelessly sucking up to them, but it does involve such things as doing some networking, or chatting to your boss and being genuinely interested in what he or she might have to say. You might also get involved with someone who's either much older or much younger than you. Lucky colours are blue and green. Lucky numbers are 25 and 42.
Go to TopTue Sep 12: Cheer Up!
You might feel a little blue and sluggish during the first part of the day, but cheer up! The changing Moon will enter optimistic Gemini and your fifth house of pleasure, giving you a reason to smile again. In fact, the next two days or so are likely to be very romantic and pleasing, so prepare for love and laughter. Lucky colours are purple and gold. Lucky numbers are 6 and 12.
Go to TopWed Sep 13: High Voltage
Creative energy is high, so put it to good use now. It may be hard for you to sit in an office all day, so try to get outside for a while. You will find that it is easier to think and to problem solve when you are out in the great wide open. Find a quiet park bench or a peaceful atrium to get your creative juices flowing. Lucky colours are maroon and gold. Lucky numbers are 3 and 10.
Go to TopThu Sep 14: Obligations and Duties
The Moon moves through responsible Cancer and your sixth house of health and service, reminding you to honour your obligations and duties. Don't ignore your health as you see to the well-being of others; you won't do anyone much good if you are falling apart physically. Make time for plenty of exercise, fresh air and healthy foods. Lucky colours are blue and white. Lucky numbers are 6 and 8.
Go to TopFri Sep 15: Get Organized
This a great day to get organized as the Moon activates your sixth house of health and service. There are few things more embarrassing than being asked for an important document or other item and not being able to find what should be readily available. See to it you know where everything is. Lucky colours are cornflower blue and beige. Lucky numbers are 32 and 41.
Go to TopSat Sep 16: Hectic Day
After a hectic day taking care of business, you'll be ready to spend more time with your best friend or partner. With the changing Moon entering your seventh house of partnerships, it will be easy to feel connected to your loved ones. Plan a relaxing evening enjoying your favourite music with your favourite people. Lucky colours are salmon and green. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
Go to TopSun Sep 17: Support
Gather the support or help of friends if you need it. Enlist their aid in any projects that need completing or require the effort of more than one. You may feel inclined to talk, but those close to you may not be readily expressive. There could be a situation brewing with someone near and dear. Give it time to come to the surface. You're in an era of handling partnership matters in a new way. Lucky colours are green and garnet. Lucky numbers are 25 and 38.
Go to TopMon Sep 18: Friends and Fortune
It's not a good idea to mix friends and fortune today as the Moon gets active in your house of joint finances. You can enjoy your friends and be successful in business, but the key is to keep them separate today. Romantic relationships may be under pressure as well, so be on guard against needless power struggles. Lucky colours are red coral and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 2 and 8.
Go to TopTue Sep 19: Eighth House Mysteries
The changing Moon in your eighth house of mysteries is increasing your intuition. Pay attention to the strong feelings you have now as they are likely to be on target. During the next two days, you may notice your dreams intensifying. You might want to keep a pen and notepad by your bed to write down details you remember upon awakening. Auspicious colours are aubergine and garnet red Lucky numbers are 8 and 18.
Go to TopWed Sep 20: New Moon
The mysteries of life may be on your mind as the New Moon activates your eighth house of sex, money and power. Review what is truly important to you as well as what is important to the people you love most. There is plenty of room for both intimacy and individuality as long as respect remains on the top of your list. It's more intense with regard to romance or sexual encounters, especially the psychological motivations and behaviour patterns involved. This is a good time to ask for loans or favours, as well as to collect those you are owed. Lucky colours are cinnabar and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 8 and 18.
Go to TopThu Sep 21: Natural Optimism
Your natural optimism returns once the changing Moon moves through Libra and your ninth house of travel and adventure. The next two days or so are perfect for trying new things and seeing new places. If you have been stuck in a rut, now is the time to break free. Your faith can be renewed as you see wonder in the world around you. Lucky colours are khaki and orange. Lucky numbers are 9 and 19.
Go to TopFri Sep 22: Take Flight
Your horizons start to widen as the Sun enters Libra, and some very interesting avenues will open up during the next four weeks. The more adventurous and enterprising you can be, the greater the rewards and the sense of excitement that comes from breaking new ground. This will also be a marvellous phase for taking off on your travels, whether you do this mentally or physically. Lucky colours are burgundy and apricot. Lucky numbers are 9 and 29.
Go to TopSat Sep 23: Don't Give Up
You efforts are apparent and appreciated today; don't give up even if you feel like you are not making much progress. You are likely to be recognized for your attention to duty and the fine job you do, so be patient. If you're feeling stressed out, take a brisk walk this evening. Release your energy creatively and positively. Lucky colours are green and blue. Lucky numbers are 19 and 26.
Go to TopSun Sep 24: Creative Energy
The Moon and Mercury combine to give you expressive energy today; even if you are burdened it will be easy to whistle while you work. Communicating with others at a distance will be enjoyable; consider joining a discussion board on the Internet for a subject you have always been interested in. Whether it is bird watching or coin collecting, you are sure to learn a great deal! Lucky colours are blue and green. Lucky numbers are 30 and 31.
Go to TopMon Sep 25: Eleventh House Focus
The Moon enters lively Sagittarius and your eleventh house of friendships today, giving your associations a more emotional edge. One of your co-workers may need you now so go ahead and lend a shoulder to cry on. Refuse to become embroiled in someone else's drama, however. You may be sympathetic, but you know when to steer clear of trouble. Lucky colours are blue and coral. Lucky numbers are 1 and 15.
Go to TopTue Sep 26: Deja Vu
A dream you have during the wee small hours of the morning may link you directly to the collective unconscious; don't be surprised if you experience a sense of deja vu later in the day. Today is a fine day for spending relaxing with friends and loved ones, so make time for play. However, you should avoid those who have the flu or other highly communicable illnesses. Lucky colours are lavender and silver. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopWed Sep 27: Love-fest
The responsive Moon activates your eleventh house of friends and associates, setting a lively tone for the day. Water-Bearers involved in budding romances will find that today is perfect for love, so reach out to your sweetheart. Partnerships of all kinds are favoured today and spending time planning for the future with a like-minded friend will be productive. Lucky colours are blue and green. Lucky numbers are 16 and 17.
Go to TopThu Sep 28: Appetites Increase
Your appetite may increase as the Moon and Mars make passionate love. Try to keep your desires under control so that you don't regret anything in the morning. A shopping spree or eating binge may threaten to get out of hand, so step back and ask yourself whether you really need something or if you are truly hungry. Lucky colours are cabernet and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 18 and 19.
Go to TopFri Sep 29: Quiet Mood
A quiet mood may descend upon you as the Moon stimulates your twelfth house of secrets and solitude. This is your lunar low cycle, the time each month when you need to recharge your spiritual batteries. Feed your soul with only the healthiest offerings and avoid the negativity of others. It's time to rest, relax, and heal from the bumps and bruises of the past month. Lucky colours are silver and green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopSat Sep 30: Stellar Impressions
It should be easy for you to shine as the Moon makes her way through your first house of personality today. Expect to make a stellar impression as you are gifted with even more charm and magnetism than usual! You may also find that increasing pressure in your career and in your closest relationships will keep you on your toes for the next two days or so. Lucky colours are red and white. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
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