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by Rob Tillett

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Aquarius Aquarius Daily March 2017
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Daily forecasts for March 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopWed Mar 1: Little Amusements
You might feel rather talkative today as the Moon moves through Aries and your third house of communications. It's time to catch up on all your correspondence, including phone calls and email. Tonight can be loads of fun, especially for those planning to entertain at home this evening. Laugh at yourself and life's little amusements. Lucky colours are yellow and blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and 14.
Go to TopThu Mar 2: Plenty To Do
There's plenty to do today in your own community and you'll find you are out and about more than usual today. There may be some misunderstandings at home, so don't be surprised if you have to make several trips before you have everything right. Don't allow emotional upsets to affect your life... if you have had a fight, wait at least thirty minutes before getting behind the wheel of a car. Lucky colours are yellow and green. Lucky numbers are 23 and 41.
Go to TopFri Mar 3: Cosy
If you've been busy during the past two days, try to enjoy a cosy evening at home tonight. In fact, I highly recommend taking a break from the outside world and spending as much time as possible in your own bathtub. Sprinkle the water with rose petals and pretend you are Cleopatra or the King of Siam if need be. You have earned a few hours of suspended reality. Lucky colours are blue and pink. Lucky numbers are 11 and 20.
Go to TopSat Mar 4: Venus Retrograde
After slowing for some weeks, Venus turns retrograde in your house of communication. Soul searching regarding your relationships is in the wind, as siblings or neighbours may be having a difficult time. Running around in the neighbourhood is likely to see you spinning your wheels. Although your chat volume is on high, you might find yourself at cross-purposes. Children's education is likely to create emotional turmoil and travel or appointments may be the victim of bad feeling. Expect a revue of old communications, or even the discovery of old love letters. Lucky colours are brown and lime. Lucky numbers are 21 and 3.
Go to TopSun Mar 5: Simple Joys
Finally you can relax and experience the simple joys of life, whether it's sleeping in until noon or watching your child take its first steps. Those of you in romantic relationships can finally let your hair down and enjoy each other's company. No pressure, no expectations, just the pleasure of being together. The same holds true for parents and children. Aquarians who spend the day alone will find magical inspiration. Lucky colours are purple and blue. Lucky numbers are 15 and 16.
Go to TopMon Mar 6: Penetrating
Pleasure and pain may go hand in hand as the sensitive Moon in your fifth house of romance and creativity opposes stern Saturn. Some of you may take delight in more dangerous pursuits, while others will simply not know when to say enough of everyday pleasures. The Pleasure Principle was intended to measure at what point does enjoyment become discomfort; only you can say. Lucky colours are gold and purple. Lucky numbers are 18 and 24.
Go to TopTue Mar 7: Headaches
The unhurried Moon and Jupiter clash tonight, causing some frustration in your life. Dealing with people and companies at a distance may give you a headache; it seems business and commerce are suffering due to overconfidence and arrogance. The same holds true for educational pursuits; you may have to deal with endless amounts of red tape and bad tempers. Lucky colours are blue and white. Lucky numbers are 8 and 12.
Go to TopWed Mar 8: Proper and Healthy
It's time to pay attention to your health... when was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? For that matter, when was the last time you flossed your teeth? The Water Bearer is not known for his or her fabulous appearance, but stress and responsibility may have taken time away from your beauty routine. Make time for proper meals and healthy exercise today. Lucky colours are champagne and indigo. Lucky numbers are 23 and 35.
Go to TopThu Mar 9: Spiritual Steps
The Moon moves through your seventh house of partnerships, placing the emphasis on your responsibilities to others. The way you relate to others will ultimately change as your relationships demand that you take giant spiritual steps. Lucky colours are coral and aqua. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
Go to TopFri Mar 10: Home Improvements
The month ends on an argumentative note as irritable Mars enters your fourth house of home and family. If you are frustrated with your parents, don't take it out on your mate or co-workers unless you want to spend the entire month quarrelling. While you should have more energy for home improvements, accidents are also more likely. Go slowly and proceed with caution. Lucky colours are pale green and oyster. Lucky numbers are 4 and 13.
Go to TopSat Mar 11: Intensity
An intense experience awaits you as the emotional Moon, deceptive Neptune and unpredictable Uranus boost your house of sex, money and power today. The Powers That Be are smiling down on you, so be open to what the universe sends you. Intimate relationships can be extremely passionate if you don't mind a bit of experimentation. Now, where did you put that pirate costume? Lucky colours are brown and cinnabar. Lucky numbers are 18 and 22.
Go to TopSun Mar 12: Full Moon
The Full Moon activates your eighth house of sex, money and power, placing the emphasis on your intimate relationships and the things you share with others. Unfortunately, there may be some confusion about who owns what and who owes what. Try not to let money arguments ruin the day. Lucky colours are aubergine and bronze. Lucky numbers are 18 and 25.
Go to TopMon Mar 13: Kudos
You may receive kudos from your superiors or important people in your community, as the Moon blends with Jupiter to encourage rewards from The Powers That Be. This has been a wonderful year for your cultural, religious and political life and will continue to be as Jupiter transits your ninth house; look for positive change in this area through to October of this year. Water-Bearers who think they've had a bad year career-wise, listen up: Sometimes losing a job or quitting one can be the best thing that ever happened to you. When one door closes... Lucky colours are green and camel. Lucky numbers are 39 and 44.
Go to TopTue Mar 14: Be Open
You'll be more enthusiastic about trying new things as the Moon moves through your ninth house of travel, education, and adventure. This is a wonderful time to be open to meeting new people and going new places and your positive attitude will be contagious. However, some of you may be dealing with issues of fear and prejudice. Take a deep breath and vow to let go of fear of the unknown. Lucky colours are green and cream. Lucky numbers are 30 and 31.
Go to TopWed Mar 15: Lively
Your soul is practically on fire with enthusiasm as the Moon opposing Uranus and Mars make this a great if edgy day for you to be among others. Your natural ability to entertain is enhanced, while a sense of excitement prevails. It would be a shame for you to hide yourself away from the rest of the world. If you are currently home bound, find a simpatico group to chat with online! Lucky colours are red and brown. Lucky numbers are 42 and 47.
Go to TopThu Mar 16: Improvements
You may be feeling hopeful about a job prospect or promotion and chances are good you will be seeing improvement in your status soon. Authority figures are more likely to be generous towards you as the changing Moon stimulates your tenth house of career and reputation, so take advantage of this opportunity. Lucky colours are charcoal and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 9 and 11.
Go to TopFri Mar 17: Stern Saturn
Stern Saturn and the shining Sun are activated by the passing Moon today, adding enthusiasm to all you do and think. You won't just like something; you'll love it more than life itself. You won't just find something unpleasant - you will never have been so disgusted in all your days. Your friends and family won't mind your dramatic expressions, but remember that co-workers and superiors may not be so understanding. Lucky colours are black and red. Lucky numbers are 17 and 19.
Go to TopSat Mar 18: Sociable Lions
Take care of business this morning, because you should be ready to party. The changing Moon stimulates sociable Sagittarius and your eleventh house of friends and associates, giving you the urge to get out with your pals. Singles among you may meet someone especially dreamy as Venus and Mercury add a romantic keynote to the night. Lucky colours are blue and pink. Lucky numbers are 11 and 14.
Go to TopSun Mar 19: Unplanned
With unpredictable Uranus and the mysterious Moon harmonizing today, anything can happen. Even love at first sight is possible, but remember that those heady feelings usually fade with time. Those of you who have a significant other should consider doing something spontaneous now. Even if you have 2.4 children and a lawn to mow, you need to do something unplanned on occasion. Lucky colours are amber and ebony. Lucky numbers are 44 and 45.
Go to TopMon Mar 20: Non Stop
With the Sun in fiery Aries and your third house of communication, you'll find yourself becoming increasingly busy. If you are in business for yourself, be prepared to work non stop! This is also a good time to reconnect with your siblings and neighbours. Set aside an hour each day to return phone calls, send email, and just plain shoot the breeze. Lucky colours are yellow and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 4 and 14.
Go to TopTue Mar 21: Secrets and Solitude
Today should get off to a positive start, but the changing Moon is in Capricorn and your twelfth house of secrets and solitude. It may be hard to express yourself as it seems the words are on the tip of your tongue but just won't come out the way you want them to. Lucky colours are azure blue and milk coffee. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopWed Mar 22: Intuitive
Tap into your own intuitive wisdom while the Moon passes through your twelfth house of secrets; remembering your dreams will help you understand the workings of your inner mind. You might not feel like going out on the town tonight, but who says you have to go out in order to have a good time? Celebrate the end of the week in your own private way. Lucky colours are lavender and silver. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
Go to TopThu Mar 23: Strut Your Stuff
With the luminous Moon sailing through your first house of personality, it's time to strut your stuff. Relationships and interactions with others are exciting and glamorous as Venus and Mars lend a note of intrigue. Mercury's influence helps to turn your thoughts to the mysterious and sensual. You may turn more than a few heads on this smoky, seductive day. Lucky colours are red and white. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Go to TopFri Mar 24: Challenged
Someone may challenge you as Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto clash. You might as well get used to this sort of thing as Jupiter will spend several months changing the way you respond in your cultural life. Make good use of this energy by planning a lively evening with your partner. Lucky colours are bronze and cinnabar. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
Go to TopSat Mar 25: Accounting
The changing Moon enters your second house of personal finances, reminding you to tend to your accounts. You may be enjoying a temporary increase in cash flow as the cosmos encourages others to be more generous towards you. Instead of spending money as fast as you receive it, try saving for a raining day. Sure, a new cashmere sweater would be lovely, but it won't collect interest. Lucky colours are green and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 2 and 8.
Go to TopSun Mar 26: Conflict
Some of your wants and some of your beliefs may be in conflict today; powerful Saturn urges you to enjoy life on your own terms while the sensitive Moon asks you to review your values and traditions. You may find yourself experiencing many personal contradictions over the next few months as Saturn transforms the way you view pleasure... values that are based on truth won't change, so don't fear losing anything important. Lucky colours are green and sand. Lucky numbers are 26 and 29.
Go to TopMon Mar 27: Giving
One of the principles of spiritual prosperity is that of giving. Give today, whether it's of your time or of your material wealth. When you give, you prepare yourself to receive. When you worry less about yourself and concentrate on what you can do for others, you make this a better world and you open yourself to be blessed. If you have two of something, give one away. Lucky colours are green and copper. Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.
Go to TopTue Mar 28: New Moon
Today's New Moon may mark the beginning of greater understanding and awareness for you, especially in relationships with your siblings and neighbours. You may not see any progress at first, but you should have the opportunity to air your views soon. Your own opinions may be in the process of changing, so don't take a strong stance unless you are prepared to eat your words. Lucky colours are brown and pumpkin. Lucky numbers are 41 and 48.
Go to TopWed Mar 29: Be Honest
With the Moon in your third house of communication you are likely to engage in a talkathon. Go ahead and get everything out on the table... this is your best chance to avoid sticky situations later on. Be honest about your hopes and fears if you want relationships to run smoothly Lucky colours are yellow and white. Lucky numbers are 23 and 32.
Go to TopThu Mar 30: Pressure
The changing Moon enters your fourth house of home and family, creating more pressure under your roof. It seems as though domestic relationships have been fraught with tension lately, but it's all part of the magnificent transformation your are currently going through. Sure, you'd rather donate a kidney than have to deal with these relationships issues, but the Universe is infinite in wisdom. Lucky colours are green and oyster. Lucky numbers are 4 and 9.
Go to TopFri Mar 31: Roar!
Domestic upsets are likely as the sensitive Moon creates problems today. Your troubles may be as simple as a cake that won't rise or as serious as a family member in dire straits; either way, you are called upon to be calm, cool and collected. Is that laughter I hear or the roar of a beast with a thorn in its paw? Take heart as things will improve by tomorrow. Lucky colours are green and white. Lucky numbers are 20 and 21.
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