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by Rob Tillett

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Aquarius Aquarius Daily February 2017
(If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

Daily forecasts for February 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopWed Feb 1: Surge of Fortune
It's a good time to make plans for a new start with your sweetheart, while Mars and Venus are dancing, Aquarius. Things may become rather confusing, but if you keep your wits about you some surprisingly good fortune can be seized today. It might be hard to get to sleep tonight, because your mind will be racing. Lucky colours are emerald and apricot. Lucky numbers are 35 and 49.
Go to TopThu Feb 2: On The Move
Get out there and do the business, Aquarius. It's a day when activity will further your interests. You may not be quite sure where it will lead, but that's for later. For now, just keep the pace. Watch dealings with authority or with those in a high position. There may be confusion or mistrust. If you think there's been a mistake, there probably has. If you think you smell a rat, there may be one. Lucky colours are chartreuse and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 23 and 16.
Go to TopFri Feb 3: Silver Tongue
You'll be blessed with a silver tongue and a golden pen as the planet of love moves through your third house of communications. This is a wonderful time to express your feelings, so tell your loved ones how you feel. You'll enjoy the company of your neighbours and siblings, so plan a casual dinner for some time soon. Lucky colours are golden honey and blossom pink. Lucky numbers are 3 and 11.
Go to TopSat Feb 4: The Home Front
Keep an eye on domestic or family doings. There may be a touch of feeling in a loved one or someone around the home. Sort things out by talking about them. Does a loved one need attention? If you're involved in work at home, take care with safety matters. You can save time and trouble by putting extra effort into your planning or decision-making. Clear the decks then do one thing at a time. Lucky colours are tangerine and pink. Lucky numbers are 21 and 26.
Go to TopSun Feb 5: Charm And Charisma
Charm and charisma are very much your suit today, as the cosmos swings into gear. It's an ideal day to invite the gang over and share some laughs, witty conversation and tales of the good times. Your mind is in great shape and ardent desire is surfacing, but be sure to keep the party fairly low key, as the energies get a little haywire later Lucky colours are amethyst and silver. Lucky numbers are 5 and 11.
Go to TopMon Feb 6: The Supple Response
If you have activities you love that stretch the mind or the limbs or both, it's the perfect day to get about doing them. You've got a lot of ideas on board but may be a bit woolly as to how you go about setting them in motion. If you get moving yourself, you'll think better on the run. It's a talkative day. Watch for minor accidents with children. A woman with a changeable mood may feature. Lucky colours are champagne and red. Lucky numbers are 20 and 28.
Go to TopTue Feb 7: Talkative
Wise Mercury dances into your sign today, where his magical force will be active over the next three weeks. You'll have a lot to say for yourself. It's a time of activity and ingenuity that will keep you and your compadres on their toes. Embrace new ideas. Make sure you do some listening along with the talking, for others will have good ideas too. Siblings and short distance travel take up some of your time. Lucky colours are burnished orange and maroon. Lucky numbers are 13 and 28.
Go to TopWed Feb 8: Decisive
Make the hard choice about domestic or family doings. If there's something to be done or changed, step up and take the responsibility. It's time for action. Be caring and sensitive as to how you go about things but get them done nonetheless. If you're working on a project, attention to detail will help the overall endeavour. If there are minor health problems, deal with them! Don't ignore them. Lucky colours are cumquat and lime. Lucky numbers are 12 and 34.
Go to TopThu Feb 9: Schemes
New ideas or schemes will get you going, Aquarius. You may receive important or unusual communications. An associate has a different approach or a different style of operation. You may start a new venture. There may be some daydreaming that goes with your more practical efforts. Siblings or neighbours may feature. Lucky colours are pink and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 23 and 9.
Go to TopFri Feb 10: Support
Gather the support or help of friends if you need it. Enlist their aid in any projects that need completing or require the effort of more than one. You may feel inclined to talk, but those close to you may not be readily expressive. There could be a situation brewing with someone near and dear. Give it time to come to the surface. You're in an era of handling partnership matters in a new way. Lucky colours are green and garnet. Lucky numbers are 25 and 38.
Go to TopSat Feb 11: Full Moon
Tempers flare as outspoken Mars clashes with the.ultra-sensitive Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign. You may say the wrong thing and really upset.the apple cart this afternoon, so guard against a tendency to speak without thinking. At the same time, substantial benefits are there in travel and cultural pursuits. Friends will have great ideas. But resist the desire to drop a verbal bomb on someone who seems to be in need of your particular brand of wake-up call. Lucky colours are baby blue and petal pink. Lucky numbers are 25 and 34.
Go to TopSun Feb 12: Facts About Finance
The Moon moves on into cautious Virgo, revealing some facts about finance. Take them on board. Be ready for a salutary lesson in what can and can't be done. There may be tension as you have to revise your plans or schemes in light of a fiscal development. Friends may be affected by a change in the financial climate. Wait for the dust to clear before you reassess. You may hear startling or surprising news. Lucky colours are mauve and taupe. Lucky numbers are 9 and 34.
Go to TopMon Feb 13: Pace Yourself
If you feel under par or you're struggling to get things done, pace yourself and don't worry too much. It's just one of those days. You may not receive the cooperation you'd like. You may struggle with concentration or disinterest. Take breaks. Do something you enjoy to change the routine, even if it's just for a while. If you're wondering why you're doing what you're doing, maybe it's time for change. Lucky colours are coffee and cream. Lucky numbers are 24 and 33.
Go to TopTue Feb 14: Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day! You may receive very good news on this day for love and lovers. Whether you are single or partnered, there are many who want to express their love and appreciation for you. Tonight is perfect for making a long distance call to someone you love and miss very much. Lucky colours are honey amber and petal pink. Lucky numbers are 12 and 30.
Go to TopWed Feb 15: Higher Aspects
Your emotional life has been undergoing some trials lately, but now you can put some of that experience to work in awakening the higher aspects of your consciousness. It's an ideal day for getting in touch with friends, especially those from far away. Goats on the prowl can also find a rapport with fascinating foreigners, or people from another culture or religion. It's a good time for putting your feelings into words and publishing them to the world. Ride that blog! Lucky colours are garnet and iris. Lucky numbers are 9 and 11.
Go to TopThu Feb 16: Unexpected Good Fortune
There has been quite a bit of confusion clouding the Aquarian vision lately, but today the cloud lifts somewhat and you are able to pursue matters of the higher mind that can also involve partners and fellow travellers. For Aquarians on the prowl, a sudden attraction from afar could blossom into something exciting. Unexpected good fortune is indicated in the career arena, especially if you are involved with education, trade, travel or cultural pursuits. Lucky colours are lazuli and aquamarine. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.
Go to TopFri Feb 17: Stay on the Ball
Work or professional dealings may be testing. You may have to work around someone or make snap decisions because of the way things fall out. Stay on the ball. You may be restless or frustrated with your situation but it's not the best day to make a break. Judgement may be flawed. Keep plans for the future in the back of your mind. Keep your feelings to yourself. Let off steam after hours. Lucky colours are almond and green. Lucky numbers are 10 and 11.
Go to TopSat Feb 18: Excellent Opportunities
Although it's Saturday, some fantastic career deals can be done, with excellent financial opportunities coming forward as the Sun enters Pisces. Your mind is racing, but be sure you don't bite off more than you can chew. The best way to go on this is with a partner, but things in that area seem to have a fated quality at the moment, so circumstances will govern the outcome. Avoid conflict with the authorities. Lucky colours are silver and maroon. Lucky numbers are 21 and 11.
Go to TopSun Feb 19: Resolve The Blockage
Tensions develop between you and a partner. Even though some luck is with you, the problem is between what you want and what you need and how this may clash with what others in your life require from you. Avoid conflict with older people and put your considerable intellect to work to develop a suitable plan that will resolve the blockage. Lucky colours are orange and purple. Lucky numbers are 8 and 22.
Go to TopMon Feb 20: Critical Mass
Ideally you will now be concentrating on ways to actualize your future dreams, Aquarius. The energy is good for that, as it is for a flash of romantic desire, probably sparking among groups and associations of which you are a member. It will be hard to keep the conversation calm, however, as the day has an underlying tension that will reach critical mass tonight. To defuse the inner tension before it takes on cosmic proportions, why not invite everyone over to your place on Saturday night, as your social power will be peaking then. Lucky colours are mauve and sand. Lucky numbers are 21 and 5.
Go to TopTue Feb 21: Time To Think
Your friends are used to you going off by yourself for periods of inner growth, research or just time to think, so they will understand that today you need some space to recharge your batteries, Aquarius. Keep a low profile and work behind the scenes on career plans, or at least getting things into perspective. If you have a secret love, tonight will be the night to hide away together. Lucky colours are beige and bronze. Lucky numbers are 17 and 23.
Go to TopWed Feb 22: Inner Energies
The vibe calms down today, so you can draw your energies inside and prepare for the approaching shebang. It is quite a social sort of day for some, but for you it's a good time to settle in with a book or video and enjoy some quiet time. Maybe some creative writing would be good, or catch up on emails. Lucky colours are emerald and shell pink. Lucky numbers are 2 and 12.
Go to TopThu Feb 23: Time Heals
You're normally a cooperative creature even though independent. However, you may come up against someone who just doesn't want to give in to the process of getting on. Work around them for the moment but try to see what's actually going on between you. You may be dealing with someone older or someone who is (or believes themselves to be) an authority of sorts. Time will bring them round. Lucky colours are tan and black. Lucky numbers are 4 and 8.
Go to TopFri Feb 24: Charm And Charisma
Charm and charisma are very much your suit today, as the cosmos swings into gear. It's an ideal day to invite the gang over and share some laughs, witty conversation and tales of the good times. Your mind is in great shape and ardent desire is surfacing, but be sure to keep the party fairly low key, as the energies get a little haywire later Lucky colours are amethyst and silver. Lucky numbers are 5 and 11.
Go to TopSat Feb 25: Whizzing Energies
The cosmos turns and twirls. dear Aquarius. Since you are by nature stable, this may not affect you so much as some others in the zodiac wheel, but even you will not fail to notice the whizzing energies as they hurtle past your ears. They could be annoying, so keep your temper. As Mercury enters Pisces your head is likely to be immersed in figures, but you should be aware that extraordinary developments are likely to cause you to reassess your ethical system. Lucky colours are silver and blue velvet. Lucky numbers are 2 and 5.
Go to TopSun Feb 26: New Moon
Financial and career projects keep you busy, but the time is here to lay plans for the longer term in these areas. The lively atmosphere signals some obstacles, especially through obtuse communications, but you are good with words and should be able to clarify the issues. Your trademark detachment will stand you in good stead today, but others are likely to be quite shaky. Calm them down and set things rolling. Lucky colours are bloodstone and jade. Lucky numbers are 2 and 11.
Go to TopMon Feb 27: Beneficial Energies
Your mental state is better, but there still remains something of a cloud of unknowing surrounding your financial life. Methinks tis time for a rethink on these matters, as later in the day promised to be much more suited to your idea of what is desirable and what is not. In fact it promises to be truly beneficial, so long as you are able to accept what the cosmos has in mind for you, rather than quivering in a funk. Take advice from friends, as fortune lies this year with them, and with groups you belong to. Lucky colours are mixed tones andcream. Lucky numbers are 16 and 11.
Go to TopTue Feb 28: Get More Serious
Getting the urge to get away? It's a good time to plan that trip you've been thinking of, or to get more serious about putting your thoughts down and maybe even publishing them. Get cracking on that blog. Why not take a course, get some advanced training or find new ways of overcoming standoffs with friends or associates? You could invite them over for a meal, or to help with home improvements. Lucky colours are yellow and green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 9.
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