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by Rob Tillett

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Aquarius Aquarius Daily December 2016
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Daily forecasts for December 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopThu Dec 1: Trusting Aquarius
You're in a forgiving and conciliatory mood today, especially if someone has stepped out of line recently and you've been annoyed with them. You're now ready to put the whole thing behind you and forget all about it. Your instincts are working well today, particularly when dealing with friends, so trust what they're telling you. Lucky colours are mushroom and pineapple. Lucky numbers are 34 and 4.
Go to TopFri Dec 2: Private Thoughts
From today your thoughts take a very private turn, and you'll continue to keep your ideas to yourself until early February, thanks to an intervening retro phase. You won't be very forthcoming during this time, which may make certain people think you're being rather stand-offish or secretive. Explain how you're feeling so they understand. By the way, if you do have a secret to keep it will be far better if you don't tell a soul about it for the time being. After all, it's only a secret while no one knows about it. Lucky colours are taupe and russet. Lucky numbers are 14 and 44.
Go to TopSat Dec 3: Constructive, Practical.
This is a great day for doing things that are practical, constructive and sensible. It doesn't mean that it will be boring, because it won't be. You'll take great satisfaction from doing everything to the best of your ability, partly because you want to know that you're doing a good job and partly because you don't want to have to redo everything tomorrow. Lucky colours are purple and gold. Lucky numbers are 30 and 2.
Go to TopSun Dec 4: Steamy...
This is a great day for being with people you respect and admire. They have a lot to teach you, although not necessarily in a formal way. If you're going to a social event today you'll enjoy chatting to people who have clout or influence, or who are much older or much younger than you. You'll be fascinated to know what makes them tick. Lucky colours are silver and yellow. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3.
Go to TopMon Dec 5: Pace Yourself
Do your best not to take on more than you can comfortably manage today, whether that means not overdoing it at work or pacing yourself while you're at home. It will be very easy to get carried away by enthusiasm and to commit yourself to things you don't have time for, especially if you're hoping to impress someone with your keen attitude. Better to know your limits, Aquarius, than to bite off more than you can chew. Lucky colours are aqua and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 22 and 32.
Go to TopTue Dec 6: Fun With Friends
Friends help to take you out of yourself today, Aquarius. Enjoy spending time with them because they remind you that there's more than one way to look at life. It's also a great day for taking part in some sort of group activity because it's so you, feeling that you're one of the gang. You might even be invited to take on a leadership role, particularly if you weren't expecting it. Lucky colours are gold and salmon. Lucky numbers are 22 and 30.
Go to TopWed Dec 7: Venus Enters Aquarius
This promises to be a red letter day because you're so cheerful, happy and lucky. With Venus, the planet of love and attraction, in your sign now, you've never looked better! The ability you have to attract anyone and anything to you is strong. You may have the urge to update your wardrobe or try a new hairstyle. Go with it! Lucky colours are hot pink and shimmering silver. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.
Go to TopThu Dec 8: Ructions
Money could easily come between you and a certain person today, causing ructions and bad feeling. Maybe you object to how much someone is spending on things that you don't consider to be good value, or which you might even think are downright rubbish. Or there could be a clash of opinions about how much to spend on a forthcoming social event. Don't make a big meal out of things that don't really matter, Aquarius. Lucky colours are tan and ivory. Lucky numbers are 1 and 26.
Go to TopFri Dec 9: Brain Power
This is a great day for putting your brain to work, particularly if you're busy at work and you have a lot to do and only a short time in which to do it. This is also a good opportunity to take part in a meeting or negotiation because you'll be able to put across your ideas with clarity, conviction and interest. And it's just as good if you're going to a job interview because you'll be a very impressive proposition. Lucky colours are burgundy and gold. Lucky numbers are 11 and 41.
Go to TopSat Dec 10: Grapevine
Keep your ear close to the grapevine today and you could hear some interesting information. It might be fascinating gossip that thrills you to the core or it might be some useful titbits connected with your work. If you're going to a party or get-together, try to do some discreet networking. But remember the word 'discreet'. You don't want to be too obvious about it. Lucky colours are scarlet and silver. Lucky numbers are 32 and 25.
Go to TopSun Dec 11: Shed A Tear
You're in the need for some company today, but you don't want to be with any old person. Instead, you're hankering for people who mean a lot to you. You might even start to yearn for someone who's no longer around, putting you into a rather sentimental and nostalgic mood from which it's hard to break free. Shed a tear if necessary but don't turn it into a major drama if that isn't appropriate. Lucky colours are amethyst and mother of pearl. Lucky numbers are 37 and 28.
Go to TopMon Dec 12: Mystical Slant?
This is a lovely day for being with people that you care about, though you're more likely to be drawn to close friends than to members of the family. A charitable event appeals, or a good cause, such as collecting money for people who will have a hard time this Christmas. If you're doing some Christmas shopping you may be drawn to items with a mystical or spiritual slant. Lucky colours are pistachio and pineapple. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
Go to TopTue Dec 13: Impulse Buying
Be careful if you're going shopping today because you'll be very tempted to do some impulse buying. That will be especially likely if you're feeling a bit bored or restless, or if someone has rattled you. But beware the lure of the shops unless you can stick to a budget, otherwise you're likely to go overboard. If you're looking for Christmas presents you'll spot some wacky gifts that look like fun but which might not go down very well with their recipients. Lucky colours are purple and gold. Lucky numbers are 8 and 50.
Go to TopWed Dec 14: Full Moon
This is the start of a month in which you'll enjoy pampering yourself and being self-indulgent. You'll also love the thought of enhancing your image in some way, particularly if you want to be a big hit at all the parties over the next two weeks. Love might also enter your life now, especially if you're currently single, so get ready to greet it. Lucky colours are apricot and blue. Lucky numbers are 30 and 38.
Go to TopThu Dec 15: Just Relax
You'll be happiest today if you can spend time with loved ones. It will be good to be with people that you know inside out, and with whom you feel comfortable. This is also a lovely day for curling up at home, with nothing to do except to relax, eat something delicious and have a good time. If you're doing some entertaining you'll prefer it if you can keep it fairly low-key rather than pulling out all the stops. Lucky colours are ebony and mango. Lucky numbers are 21 and 60.
Go to TopFri Dec 16: Industrious Aquarius
You're in a very determined mood today. Determined to make some progress in your long-term plans, even if that means working round the clock to achieve what you set out to do. This is also a day for looking at your inner self and deciding whether you need to change in any way. Facets of your personality that might be hidden from you at other times could become revealed to you now, with fascinating consequences. Lucky colours are lime and lemon. Lucky numbers are 8 and 32.
Go to TopSat Dec 17: Making Some Changes
This is a great day for making some changes to your life, particularly if you want to break out of a current rut and move in another direction. However, before that happens you may have to make a decision between your career or reputation and a relationship. Don't become despondent if things don't fall into place immediately. Keep the faith that everything will eventually work out. Lucky colours are yellow and grey. Lucky numbers are 8 and 78.
Go to TopSun Dec 18: Intense And Demanding
A relationship is quite intense and demanding today, so be prepared. There's an emotional connection between the two of you and you need to sort out some current difficulties now. If you're separated from someone you love at the moment, you'll long to be with them and will feel rather emotional as a result. Lucky colours are oyster and jade. Lucky numbers are 15 and 16.
Go to TopMon Dec 19: Mercury Retrograde
Everything grinds to a halt as Mercury turns retrograde in your 12th house. Take a few deep breaths and try not to get frustrated. Be patient with your loved ones and with government departments, institutions, hospitals and the like, as they cannot read your mind. Spiritual pastimes and humanitarian pursuits will put life in perspective. This said, your drive to gather resources moves into high gear as energetic Mars enters your house of finances. Move ahead on your own terms. You can claim all the credit in the end. Lucky colours are ebony and fuchsia. Lucky numbers are 11 and 12.
Go to TopTue Dec 20: Serious Insect
This is a good day to have a serious chat with someone, whether you want to sort out a long-standing problem or you simply enjoy exchanging ideas. You're in quite a serious mood today, so you won't be keen to discuss things that you consider silly or vapid. If you need to firm up some social arrangements for the next couple of weeks try to get them out of the way now. Lucky colours are blue and pink. Lucky numbers are 32 and 26.
Go to TopWed Dec 21: Brainiac
Your brain is working well at the Solstice today, particularly when it comes to thinking things through. You're being practical and methodical, which makes it easy to tackle problems efficiently and to sort them out with the least amount of fuss. If you're madly trying to get all your work done before the start of the Christmas holidays you'll find it easier to concentrate on what you're doing, which will be a relief. Lucky colours are mother of pearl and green. Lucky numbers are 15 and 34.
Go to TopThu Dec 22: Stylish
Doing some shopping today? You'll be attracted to items that are stylish, classic and probably quite expensive. Be careful if you're finishing off your Christmas shopping because it will be awfully easy to get carried away and to buy things that you don't really need or can't afford. If you have some bills that need to be paid, deal with them right now before you forget about them. Lucky colours are plum and peach. Lucky numbers are 38 and 20.
Go to TopFri Dec 23: Don't Rise To The Bait
Someone isn't being very sensitive today. Maybe they're making crass remarks or they're saying things that are downright offensive. You won't be impressed by them and will be tempted to say something, but should you? If you do decide to speak up, try not to leave it until you're so angry that you're looking for an argument. A few tactful comments early on would be better than a full-scale shouting match when you can't stand it any longer. Lucky colours are gold and avocado. Lucky numbers are 7 and 17.
Go to TopSat Dec 24: Christmas Eve
You're very interested in mystical and spiritual topics today and you'll enjoy immersing yourself in them whenever you get the chance. This could mean anything from going to a carol service or attending your local church to reading about a favourite religion or discussing it with someone who's on your wavelength. Lucky colours are apricot and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 3 and 29.
Go to TopSun Dec 25: Merry Christmas!
It promises to be a really enjoyable day, thanks to your patience and ability to get on well with whoever happens to be around. If you haven't heard from a friend recently, why not give them a ring to see how they are. Or maybe you'd prefer to send them an email. Your hunches are surprisingly accurate right now, so don't ignore them when they want to get your attention. Lucky colours are green and red. Lucky numbers are 36 and 67.
Go to TopMon Dec 26: Boxing Day
You're feeling more outgoing than yesterday, making it a wonderful chance to get together with friends. You'll love spending time with them, even if you aren't doing anything very special. This is also a good day for thinking about your plans for the future and working out how to turn them into reality. Lucky colours are taupe and navy. Lucky numbers are 25 and 32.
Go to TopTue Dec 27: Wandering Thoughts
Are you feeling tired? You're struggling to keep your thoughts in any sort of order because they keep wandering all over the place. Maybe you're anxious about something and can't get it out of your mind, or perhaps you simply feel you have mental overload and need to be left alone for a while. Lucky colours are grey and scarlet. Lucky numbers are 38 and 47.
Go to TopWed Dec 28: Change Of Plans
Someone isn't being very helpful today, much to your disappointment. They may even be going out of their way to be unhelpful, by backtracking on something they'd agreed to earlier or not giving you the support you were expecting. Unfortunately there's little you can do about this, other than to accept it and to work around it. But it looks as though you'll have to change your plans. Lucky colours are maroon and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 58 and 4.
Go to TopThu Dec 29: New Moon
If you're a typical Aquarian you just can't help worrying about things, but today's New Moon is telling you to get to grips with some of those worries during the coming fortnight. Once you face up to them you'll find it easier to deal with them, especially if anxiety or fear is currently making you feel unable to cope. Take it one step at a time. Lucky colours are fuchsia and mandarin. Lucky numbers are 23 and 7.
Go to TopFri Dec 30: Spend-To-Save?
Fancy seeing what the sales have to offer? Then try to be sensible about what you buy, to avoid that spend-to-save mentality that means you're looking at how much money you're saving on something rather than how much it costs to buy. Be careful about making impulse purchases because they may not be as successful as you'd hoped, and you may even go off them very quickly. Lucky colours are grape and silver. Lucky numbers are 40 and 57.
Go to TopSat Dec 31: New Year's Eve
As New Year's Eve arrives it brings with it a pretty auspicious start to 2017 and it will be a great opportunity to face up to anything that's bothering you at the moment so you can do something about it. There could also be a breakthrough over something connected with an institution, such as a hospital. Lucky colours are blue and green. Lucky numbers are 21 and 2.
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