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by Rob Tillett

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Aquarius Aquarius Daily December 2017
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Daily forecasts for December 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopFri Dec 1: The Giving Season
The maternal Moon strolls through your fourth house of home and family, urging you to spend time with the folks at home. With the holiday season upon us, this is the perfect time to visit those who are confined or otherwise unable to travel. Spread a little cheer by taking home baked goods and other homemade gifts to those you love. It's the season of giving... what better gift than a bit of your time? Advantageous colours are sea green and pearl white. Lucky numbers are 11 and 29.
Go to TopSat Dec 2: Playful Water-Bearers
With the Moon sparking up your fifth house of romance and creativity, you should be feeling rather playful. The holiday season brings out the child in you, so don't hold back. You don't need to spend money to enjoy this feeling... take a walk in the park where lights are hung and music is playing. Auspicious colours are amethyst purple and golden amber. Lucky numbers are 10 and 15.
Go to TopSun Dec 3: Full Moon Mercury Retrograde
Do you have the proof to back up the things you are saying so confidently? As the Full Moon dances in charming Gemini, your best guess may be just another pretty castle in the sky. Mercury turns retrograde in your eleventh house of friends and associates as well. Make sure you get the arrangements straight! The next three weeks may find you committing quite a few slips of the tongue, so practice keeping your mouth shut as much as possible. You may find that if you spend more time listening than speaking, you will soon know which friends are true blue and which friends are fair weather. Advantageous colours are aubergine and reddish gold. Lucky numbers are 5 and 11.
Go to TopMon Dec 4: Benefits
Benefits in health and service can be yours as the Moon activates your sixth house today. If you need a raise, this is a good time to ask for one. Those of you who want to quit smoking can get off to a good start, so put down the cigarettes and replace them with a habit that will make you healthier, such as walking every evening. Beneficial colours are grey blue and beige. Lucky numbers are 32 and 39.
Go to TopTue Dec 5: Get Organized
This a great day to get organized as the Moon activates your sixth house of health and service. There are few things more embarrassing than being asked for an important document or other item and not being able to find what should be readily available. See to it you know where everything is. Fortunate colours are cornflower blue and silvery grey. Lucky numbers are 32 and 41.
Go to TopWed Dec 6: Conscientious
Be sure to take care of all your responsibilities today. Check your plants for water, your pets for fleas and make sure there are no bills you have forgotten to pay. Don't neglect your own health; be sure to floss your teeth and drink plenty of water. You'll be ready to relax with your best friend, mate or partner this evening once you are sure everything is as it should be. Favourable colours are buttercup yellow and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 12 and 15.
Go to TopThu Dec 7: Depth And Meaning
Superficial contact won't appeal to you now as the depth of your relationships increase. Seek out those who help you get in touch with your inner self, increasing your ability to understand your life's meaning. Some may find that spirit guides are a good way to tap into this hidden wisdom; others will prefer self-help gurus and professional counsellors. Whatever way you choose, don't neglect your deeper needs. Advantageous colours are cornflower blue and dove grey. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
Go to TopFri Dec 8: Sparks Flying
The tender Moon and surprising Uranus blend to create sparks in your closest relationships; you may be completely surprised by an unexpected gift. Hopefully, this will be a positive thing or the day could degenerate into an ugly scene. If you are disappointed, wait until an opportune time to say so. Then, be very clear about how you feel and why you feel that way. Advantageous colours are pale aqua and rose pink. Lucky numbers are 25 and 34.
Go to TopSat Dec 9: Exciting And Charming
The Sun blends well with chatty Mercury, adding a lively, exciting feel to the day. You'll be able to express yourself cleverly; even your rivals will be charmed by your originality. As Mars takes the reins in Scorpio, your career is boosted in weeks ahead. You're driven to succeed. However much success you've had, it's not enough. There's always more that you can do. Your ambition surges, and you focus on your long-term goals. It's time to take action that affects your future. Lucky colours are rich red and satiny green. Lucky numbers are 10 and 19.
Go to TopSun Dec 10: Synchronicity
Meaningful coincidence or synchronicity may appear in your life as the Moon lights up your house of mysteries. Some may be a bit spooked by the odd activity, but rest assured this is simply the universe's way of communicating with you. You may or may not like what it has to say, but you should pay attention anyway. Humble yourself and learn all that you can. Auspicious colours are wine red and ebony. Lucky numbers are 9 and 18.
Go to TopMon Dec 11: Exotic
Anything exotic should bring pleasure today as the Moon moves through your ninth house of adventure. Gifts that represent different cultures and countries will appeal to you; you might also consider borrowing a foreign tradition for the upcoming holidays. Internet connections are enjoyable, so catch up on your international e-mail when you have a free moment. Favourable colours are maroon and khaki. Lucky numbers are 33 and 36.
Go to TopTue Dec 12: Comfort And Joy
The pleasure of the holiday season is strong. Dinner at a new restaurant or with friends and family from out of town should bring comfort and joy; religion and ritual are also comforting and those of you who are celebrating at this time will find renewed faith. Matters regarding higher education get the green light: congratulations to those who graduate this month! Fortunate colours are aubergine and bronze. Lucky numbers are 3 and 7.
Go to TopWed Dec 13: Authority Figures
Tension begins to build as the sensitive Moon enters your tenth house of career and status; many of you will find authority figures are bothersome. You won't be able to sweet talk your way out of a traffic ticket, even if your brother-in-law is on the police force. Try not to let the pressure of family and community get to you; you can only do so much today, so don't push yourself. Advantageous colours are basic black and garnet red. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Go to TopThu Dec 14: High Visibility
Carry yourself with grace as you remain visible in the public eye. Even if you love your family and social position dearly, there are times when social events force you to put on a smiling face that betrays your true feelings. Play the game conservatively if you want to succeed in the long term. Auspicious colours are emerald green and gold. Lucky numbers are 22 and 29.
Go to TopFri Dec 15: Body Language
It's hard for you to get anything done when the Moon is in determined Scorpio. The people in your life are all coming and going at rapid speeds, filling your day with bits of news and abstract plans. Now that your senses are working overtime, you'd much rather see the movie than read the book. A relationship hits the easy groove of a common understanding. Conversation is easy when you pay attention to one another's body language. Advantageous colours are pearl white and sea green. Lucky numbers are 7 and 38.
Go to TopSat Dec 16: Psychic Times
You may dream about your parents or other authority figures during the early morning hours. If you have a hunch, go with it. Your powers of intuition are likely to be strong today, especially regarding your career, status, and family. As the Moon moves on, your thoughts turn toward new friendships and ways of attaining your hopes and goals. Beneficial colours are electric blue and hot pink. Lucky numbers are 11 and 15.
Go to TopSun Dec 17: Moment Of Clarity
Who can you trust and who is just paying lip service? In a moment of clarity, the Sagittarian Moon shows you the faces of your real friends. Perhaps it's time to redirect your heroic efforts into a project with broader appeal and benefits. Keep in mind that a healthy community can help you in return, when you need it. No one's keeping score, but it's always good to clock up cosmic points. Fortunate colours are electric blue and hot pink. Lucky numbers are 4 and 31.
Go to TopMon Dec 18: New Moon
Today's New Moon could gain you friends in high places, so take the opportunity to mingle. Company luncheons, neighbourhood meetings, church functions, and PTA gatherings are all fertile grounds for networking. Get out and make your presence felt. One word of caution: enemies in high places hover on the horizon. Choose your allies with care. Favourable colours are celery green and chocolate brown. Lucky numbers are 34 and 43.
Go to TopTue Dec 19: Why Me?
The question you'll probably find yourself asking most of the day is 'why me?' As much as you hope to avoid it, the dirty work will land on you. You can spend the day either complaining about a problem or taking care of it. When the Moon is in Capricorn, service with a smile is the only way to go. If you feel that you must complain to an authority figure, write a letter or fill out a report, rather than meeting face to face. Advantageous colours are jet black and sapphire yellow. Lucky numbers are 11 and 33.
Go to TopWed Dec 20: Saturn Enters Capricorn
As Saturn enters your twelfth house, you must face your fears and worries, resolve issues from the past, and deal responsibly with loss and disappointment. If you have taken refuge in self-pity and unnecessary guilt, you now must to rid yourself of these destructive habits. Significant inner strength is gained. You may be required to assist a family member experiencing a serious health or work related difficulty. One of the most positive potentials is that you will be rewarded for the sacrifice and deprivation you endured to achieve an important goal. Providential colours are electric blue and silvery purple. Lucky numbers are 11 and 12.
Go to TopThu Dec 21: The Solstice
Although you're still feeling sociable and outgoing, the Solstice brings the need for a little time to yourself now and then. It's time to temper your busy social life with some precious moments of solitude. Make sure you do, as this need is something important and life-enhancing. It will certainly recharge your inner batteries, which might be a little run down. Reflective colours are pale green and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 36 and 14.
Go to TopFri Dec 22: Treasure Hunt
Hopefully you have access to a reliable map, because the Aquarius Moon sets you on a treasure hunt for the next few days. Don't second guess yourself: you won't know what you've been seeking until you collect all the pieces and the puzzle starts to take shape. Frustration is the fuel that you burn: maintaining a slow and steady pace will let you emerge as the winner. Appropriate colours are dusky pink and pale lavender. Lucky numbers are 21 and 39.
Go to TopSat Dec 23: Tried And True
As boring as it may seem, you're much better off sticking to the tried and true today. You're yearning for spontaneity, but the planets are inflexible..... sorry!. Mercury is stationary in Sagittarius after weeks of retro despoilations. Bad behaviour goes down well with you, but no one else is impressed. Plan your strategy, but think carefully before going to bed. You're itching to try something new and exciting, and your partner may be willing to go along with you, but you still have to wake up in the morning. Issues concerning your hopes and dreams are beginning to improve. Beneficial colours are copper and brick red. Lucky numbers are 16 and 19.
Go to TopSun Dec 24: Christmas Eve
You may think you're alone, but you're not. As the Moon languishes another day in fiery Aries, you can expect your personal space to be invaded by noisy people and other species. Tranquillity is hard to find, and it's enough to drive you mad... An unpredictable situation, annoying as it is, teaches you something. Stay cool and consider your options. Appropriate colours are rich red and driven snow. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Go to TopMon Dec 25: Christmas!
The fun-loving Pisces Moon makes this a wonderful Christmas day for Aquarians. You'll find companionship and partnership, but keep your eyes wide open. Great art can emerge from happiness and misery, and family gatherings provide a wonderful canvas. Don't lose sight of the objective though: this is supposed to be a wonderful, laid back day and yes, you thoroughly deserve it! Auspicious colours are carnelian red and clotted cream. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
Go to TopTue Dec 26: Feisty
The Moon moves into feisty Aries and your third house of communications today and you may be ready to give someone a piece of your mind. Choose your words carefully, as tomorrow there could be a showdown and you don't want to show your hand prematurely. You have a chance to recruit others to your side now, so make the most of your opportunity. Beneficial colours are red ochre and azure blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and 14.
Go to TopWed Dec 27: Make Your Own Luck
You can make your own luck as the planets combine harmoniously. You'll need to pay attention to detail and read between the lines, but listening carefully and thinking before you act will pay off for you. If possible, enjoy festivities in your community. Lucky colours are golden amber and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and 32.
Go to TopThu Dec 28: Emotions Are High
Emotional levels can be high and stimulating, but more likely to be unusually content and reflective. Use the maturity and experiences you have developed to decide present actions and plan for the future. Decisions made now will be successful. It is also a good time to gain and to apply patience and understanding to help solidify emotional commitments that you give as well as those you receive. Beneficial colours are pale aqua and pearl white. Lucky numbers are 2 and 7.
Go to TopFri Dec 29: Speak Your Mind
Are you waiting for the right opportunity to say your piece? Well, wait no longer! Cooperation and communication blaze trails across your sky, allowing you to say almost anything to anyone without remorse or repercussions. If you could make this moment last, you'd probably never wish for anything else again! The sensual Taurus Moon seals your day with a kiss, so be open to the possibility. Inspiring colours are pale gold and cherry red. Lucky numbers are 7 and 37.
Go to TopSat Dec 30: Fun And More Fun
Take what you can, wherever you can get it today. Focus on the moment - life is every fleeting second, not the future or the past. It's one of those wonderful days when you can get away with just about anything, but remember: there's always a karmic scorecard! Life is busy and unpredictable these days, and no one is going to hold you responsible for any major mix-ups. Aquarians are intrinsically honest, so even if you're naughty, you'll put things right in the end! Harmonious colours are spring green and terra cotta. Lucky numbers are 15 and 20.
Go to TopSun Dec 31: New Year's Eve
While it may be important to prove yourself to the people you care about, there's a fine line between fact and fiction, pleasure and pain. Criticism can be a good opportunity for reflection and change, as the old year dies and the new one is born. Aquarians are charming, universally loved, strong willed and unconventional. Your weakness lies in emotional detachment - you can fool most of the people most of the time, but you don't fool some of us....Give thanks to the Universe for your many blessings. Have a great year and a great night! Auspicious colours are sea green and moonlight yellow. Lucky numbers are 4 and 20.
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