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by Rob Tillett

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Aquarius Aquarius Daily January 2015
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Daily forecasts for January 2015 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopThu Jan 1: Happy New Year!
It's a thoughtful start to 2015. You'll be happiest if you can be with one or two special people, rather than a whole room full of people you barely know, and even then you'll appreciate having some time to yourself. You're also full of emotion but it's hard to get at, unless you either make a big effort to get in touch with your feelings or you watch a weepy film, in which case you'll probably need several boxes of tissues. Lucky colours are turquoise and black. Lucky numbers are 8 and 37.
Go to TopFri Jan 2: Industrious Mood
You're in a very industrious mood today. Maybe you feel that the celebrations are over and it's time to get back to work, even if that only means scrubbing the kitchen floor or clearing out the fridge? This is all very commendable, but try to find time for a special someone who could do with your support and encouragement. Lucky colours are brown and honey. Lucky numbers are 11 and 47.
Go to TopSat Jan 3: Venus Enters Aquarius
Your personal magnetism and physical charm is boosted as Venus dances into your sign. It's time to to identify with beauty. You want to surround yourself with it. A concert, art or fashion show may be on the agenda in weeks ahead. Allies are supportive, helping you attain personal goals and improve your self-image. Avoid the tendency for self-indulgence, or overstating your own importance and attractions. You can dominate the romantic scene. Just don't overdo it! Lucky colours are emerald and fuchsia. Lucky numbers are 21 and 42.
Go to TopSun Jan 4: Think Positive
You're intrigued by what a friend is up to today and you won't relax until you've got to the bottom of it. The trouble is that you probably won't be able to do this unless you're a born detective, and you might offend your friend in the meantime. Rather than prying into things that don't really concern you, turn your attention to your hopes and wishes, and start thinking about how you can make them a reality. Lucky colours are champagne and caramel. Lucky numbers are 9 and 29.
Go to TopMon Jan 5: Full Moon
All that studying you've been doing is about to pay off in a big way. As you relay what you know, others are impressed by your grasp of the facts. What's obvious to you looks like genius to others. Everything should run smoothly, as long as you stick to the basics and don't try anything exotic today. However, a reality check every so often is a good idea -- after all, you don't need to be carried away by yourself! Lucky colours are powder blue and golden amber. Lucky numbers are 23 and 41.
Go to TopTue Jan 6: Talkative
Mercury the Divine Communicator moves into your sign today, where this magical force will be active during the weeks ahead. You'll have a lot to say for yourself. It's a time of activity and ingenuity that will keep both you and others on their toes. Embrace new ideas. Make sure you do some listening along with the talking, for others will have good ideas too. Siblings and short distance travel take up some of your time. Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius on the 21st, so bear this date in mind. Lucky colours are burnished orange and maroon. Lucky numbers are 1 and 28.
Go to TopWed Jan 7: Active Role
This is the perfect day for getting involved in a group activity of some sort, whether it's a club or a social gathering. You'll soon find that you're taking the lead, even if it isn't usually your role. Maybe you'll be asked to take a more active part in the group, or you'll decide that it isn't getting anywhere in its current form and it needs your guidance. That's fine, but don't tread on anyone's toes. Lucky colours are platinum and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 5 and 12.
Go to TopThu Jan 8: Sense Of Achievement
You're feeling proud of yourself, Aquarius, but for some reason you don't want to show it. Maybe you think it's big-headed of you, or the current situation means that it would be tactful for you to play down your recent triumphs. However, your sense of achievement will come out one way or the other, so it would be better to mention it quite clearly than to drop loaded hints and hope someone takes you up on them. Be straightforward! Lucky colours are amber and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 16 and 1.
Go to TopFri Jan 9: Secret Attraction?
It isn't always easy for you to show the soft and sentimental side of your nature but you'll get plenty of opportunity to do just that during the next four weeks. You'll feel much more romantic and lovey-dovey than usual, which is good news if you're part of a couple. However, you could also be attracted to someone who's already involved with someone else, leading to plenty of temptation and possibly even some secret trysts. Lucky colours are pink and persimmon. Lucky numbers are 8 and 44.
Go to TopSat Jan 10: Face Your Fears
It's time to spring-clean your life, starting with the things you don't usually like to think about. This might mean facing up to some of your fears so they shrink to manageable proportions rather than remaining too big to even contemplate. On a practical level, it means tidying up cluttered cupboards, sorting out that pile of junk you keep ignoring or having a blitz on the dusting. Lucky colours are chestnut and silver. Lucky numbers are 13 and 20.
Go to TopSun Jan 11: Cheerleader Act
A friend is very encouraging today, much to your delight. They might tell you to carry on with a current project because it looks like being a winner, or insist that you continue to believe in something that's only a pipe dream at the moment because it will eventually turn into reality. Alternatively, you'll be the one who's doing the cheerleader act and encouraging someone else to have faith in themselves and in their dreams. Lucky colours are blackberry and beige. Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.
Go to TopMon Jan 12: Drive And Energy
As Mars dives into the waters of Pisces, you feel the need to put a lot of energy into your finances and other essential priorities during the next few weeks, and will feel annoyed if you can't. It's an excellent phase for making some investments, provided that you have the money, but you certainly shouldn't try this if you're currently counting every penny. Lucky colours are opal and cream. Lucky numbers are 1 and 2.
Go to TopTue Jan 13: Feeling Sensitive
It isn't a very easy day because you're feeling very sensitive, so anyone's nasty comments will soon start to get to you. Actually, you'll be much happier if you can be left alone to get on with things in peace, especially if you're feeling slightly shy or withdrawn right now. Try to give yourself some light relief, though, otherwise you may spend far too long working because your standards are so high or you imagine you aren't doing things well enough. Lucky colours are orange and primrose. Lucky numbers are 37 and 67.
Go to TopWed Jan 14: Guardian Angel
If you felt rather miserable yesterday, help is at hand today. This could arrive in the guise of someone who acts like a guardian angel and says exactly the sorts of things that are guaranteed to make you feel better, or simply because you're feeling more like your old self. If you're becoming involved in a secret relationship, you'll hear something that makes you purr like a cat. Lucky colours are viridian and red. Lucky numbers are 30 and 6.
Go to TopThu Jan 15: Lend A Hand
Aquarians have a strong humanitarian streak and today you get the opportunity to display yours. You might want to lend a hand to a friend or associate who needs your support, or you could prefer to get involved with a charity. It's also a great day for taking part in a gathering of kindred spirits, but you'll want to be one of the crowd rather than the person in charge. Your ego seems to have disappeared for the time being! Lucky colours are saffron and old oak. Lucky numbers are 10 and 12.
Go to TopFri Jan 16: Carpe Deum
Life is full of opportunities and you can't wait to get your mitts on some of them today. In fact, you'll want to grab as many of them as possible, which is where the problems could start because you'll have a tendency to take on more things than you can manage. So try not to overcommit yourself to anything, even if it's a string of social events, because you'll be embarrassed later on when you have to admit defeat and scale down your ideas. Lucky colours are gold and indigo. Lucky numbers are 12 and 48.
Go to TopSat Jan 17: Nippy
There's a nip in the air and it has nothing to do with the weather. Someone is in a bad mood, although they'll do their best to cover it up, and they're silently fuming about something. You won't know about this until you say or do the wrong thing, and then you'll catch the sharp edge of their tongue. Or are you the one who's got smoke coming out of your ears? If so, do your best to get things off your chest without creating havoc in the process. Lucky colours are champagne and dark red. Lucky numbers are 20 and 71.
Go to TopSun Jan 18: Driving You Bats
You need plenty of patience today when dealing with a loved one. They're very dithery, which drives you bats because you can't get much sense out of them. If they go shopping for you they might forget the one thing you need most of all, or they could get into a muddle over a domestic arrangement. Before you blow your top, ask them if something is bothering them because maybe they're distracted by worries you don't know about. Lucky colours are ultramarine and ochre. Lucky numbers are 11 and 73.
Go to TopMon Jan 19: Wind Up
Is a loved one deliberately trying to wind you up or do they just have a knack of making you grit your teeth and roll your eyes? You need every ounce of patience when dealing with you-know-who today because they're being so contrary and difficult, especially when it comes to ideas and items that you feel strongly about. Do you think there might be a connection between their disruptive behaviour and your insistence on honouring your values and priorities? Lucky colours are lemon and dusky pink. Lucky numbers are 12 and 22.
Go to TopTue Jan 20: New Moon
You've been feeling withdrawn and reticent so far this month but you start to blossom from today, as the New Moon comes in your sign. During the next four weeks you'll be on really great form. This is the perfect opportunity to get out your list of New Year's resolutions (what do you mean, you don't have a list?) and start running through it. What are you going to achieve first? Seize the initiative and make things happen! And if you don't have a list, write one immediately! Lucky colours are avocado and violet. Lucky numbers are 13 and 22.
Go to TopWed Jan 21: Mercury Retrograde
Mercury, the Divine Messenger, turns retrograde in your sign today, Aquarius, creating some degree of havoc in your personal life, although you will get the chance to right past misunderstandings. Expect business transactions and communications to slow down over the next three weeks, as confusion and frustration reign. This is not a good time to travel, or make expensive purchases, so keep a low profile and put your plans on hold. Lucky colours are jet black and dollar green. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.
Go to TopThu Jan 22: Change Your Routine
You're in a very cheerful mood, so don't spoil it by getting bogged down in your usual routine. Instead, forget about your normal schedule if possible and do something entirely different for a change. If you can't escape a round of shopping and other chores, do them in a different order or find other ways to liven them up such as shopping in a nearby town rather than on your own doorstep. Even these small changes will make you feel invigorated. Lucky colours are shell pink and dark blue. Lucky numbers are 29 and 46.
Go to TopFri Jan 23: Mean What You Say
A certain person could get awfully carried away today, which makes them say things they don't mean or offer to do things they'll never get round to. Try to take all this with a pinch of salt, otherwise you'll feel incredibly let down when you realize that it was all just a load of hot air. And make sure you don't fall into the same trap yourself of promising more than you can deliver! This is a day to say what you mean and mean what you say. Lucky colours are persimmon and lemon. Lucky numbers are 13 and 48.
Go to TopSat Jan 24: Lovely Compliment
In an ideal world, you would put all your commitments to one side today and spend your time being lazy, doing as little as possible and eating lots of food. Any chance of that happening? I think not, so you'll have to make the best of it by arranging something nice to look forward to, either at some point today or later in the week. Something else that will cheer you up is hearing a lovely compliment. Lucky colours are red velvet and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 26 and 60.
Go to TopSun Jan 25: Don't Judge By Appearances
Don't judge people by their appearances today. You may think that a certain person looks as though they belong to a bygone age but they could have some very sound advice for you right now, especially if it concerns your finances or something that means a lot to you. So hear them out and then think about what they said before deciding that it can't possibly have any relevance for you. Lucky colours are green velvet and mandarin. Lucky numbers are 10 and 22.
Go to TopMon Jan 26: Clear As Mud
Be very careful about what you say and do today because there's a strong possibility that you're being misleading or confusing. You may think you're being as clear as daylight but everyone else will disagree and accuse you of being as clear as mud. Above all, make sure you explain anything important rather than hoping that others have got the general gist and are somehow blessed with the psychic powers that will enable them to read your mind for the rest of the facts. Lucky colours are silver and gold. Lucky numbers are 17 and 9.
Go to TopTue Jan 27: Lifestyle Changes
Venus the goddess cruises into Pisces, travelling there over the next few weeks. Be restrained with your spending and keep lifestyle costs to a minimum. You may have dealings with people who work with finance. Listen to some good advice. Some Aquarians may have additional expenses for health matters. A good orderly routine will see you through. An unusual woman may appear in your life. Lucky colours are rich red and blue sapphire. Lucky numbers are 15 and 39.
Go to TopWed Jan 28: Take A Hike
A friend has very strong ideas about what you should and shouldn't do at the moment. They'll make their feelings known today, although they'll do so in so-called subtle ways that feel more like ultimatums to you. If you don't like what's being suggested you must stand up to this person, but that could be a daunting proposition because they're hell-bent on getting their own way. But you can't be bossed about like this, can you? Lucky colours are sky blue and mango. Lucky numbers are 36 and 33.
Go to TopThu Jan 29: Get Cracking
It may not sound very exciting, but this is a great day for catching up with the chores and getting up to date with your finances. So set aside some time to pay bills, check meters or fill in forms, and also to do a few household tasks. Once all that's out of the way, you'll deserve to have a breather and you'll be able to put your feet up with a clear conscience and the satisfaction of knowing you've achieved something. Lucky colours are sunset orange and spring green. Lucky numbers are 20 and 73.
Go to TopFri Jan 30: Personal Matters
Your thoughts turn to personal matters from today, and that's the way they'll stay for the next two weeks. This is your opportunity to examine your life and think things through, especially if you're currently trying to decide what you want to achieve in 2015. However, at times you'll have to drag your thoughts away from yourself and towards other people, otherwise they'll be perfectly justified in accusing you of being too wrapped up in yourself. Lucky colours are strawberry and fawn. Lucky numbers are 24 and 63.
Go to TopSat Jan 31: Upbeat
It's a wonderful end to the month because you're feeling so upbeat and cheerful. You're a walking advert for the power of positive thinking, because you're able to view problems as challenges, take things in your stride and not get your knickers in a twist about anything. However, don't let this make you so complacent that you ignore something that really does need your urgent attention and which will cause trouble for you if you leave it for much longer. Lucky colours are raspberry and tartan. Lucky numbers are 7 and 14.
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