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by Rob Tillett

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Aquarius Aquarius Daily February 2018
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Daily forecasts for February 2018 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopThu Feb 1: Take Heart
Take heart if you're single, because you could meet someone who knocks you sideways today. There will be a strong attraction between you, even if it's still very early days in your relationship, and you won't be able to get them out of your head. If you're already involved with someone, you'll be able to gain a better understanding of what makes them tick now. Lucky colours are scarlet and purple. Lucky numbers are 55 and 41.
Go to TopFri Feb 2: Playing Your Hand
It's the ideal day for getting involved in some negotiations because you'll be able to play your hand without giving away too many of your tactics or motives. You'll also be very quick at noticing if someone starts playing games with you or trying to trick you in some way. Yet you'll manage to do all this with charm and wit, which will ensure there are no hard feelings no matter how things turn out. Lucky colours are mango and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 37 and 77.
Go to TopSat Feb 3: Other Fish To Fry
Your partner needs a lot of your time and attention today, which could cause problems if you aren't in the mood or have other fish to fry. It also depends if this is a one-off or if you're dealing with someone who is never satisfied and who is very demanding. You'll want to say something if they always expect you to be at their beck and call. Lucky colours are caramel and grape. Lucky numbers are 13 and 2.
Go to TopSun Feb 4: New You
It's time you got involved in some serious pampering. Think about a whole new image for the new year if you can afford it, or perhaps a makeover or new hair style. This is certainly the perfect excuse to spice up your wardrobe or alter your hairstyle, because by doing so you'll look better and boost your self-esteem in the process. Such changes don't have to cost the earth although you'll be sorely tempted to splash out in all directions. Lucky colours are turquoise and silver. Lucky numbers are 46 and 1.
Go to TopMon Feb 5: New Values
It's time to adopt a new attitude to your values in life, and you'll be astonished by what happens as a result. For instance, if you usually place a lot of importance on money and what it can buy, you might suddenly find that you don't care about it nearly so much as usual. Don't make any big decisions while you're in this state of flux, but wait for a few days to make sure you aren't making spontaneous gestures that you'll later regret. Lucky colours are terracotta and green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 20.
Go to TopTue Feb 6: Stay on the Ball
Work or professional dealings may be testing. You may have to work around someone or make snap decisions because of the way things fall out. Stay on the ball. You may be restless or frustrated with your situation but it's not the best day to make a break. Judgement may be flawed. Keep plans for the future in the back of your mind. Keep your feelings to yourself. Let off steam after hours. Lucky colours are almond and green. Lucky numbers are 10 and 11.
Go to TopWed Feb 7: Get Organized!
Get organized, Aquarius! You might decide to do some tidying up at home or at work, or to make as many preparations for the rest of the week as possible. It's also a great day for talking through problems with other people, whether you're helping them or vice versa, because your thoughts are very clear and rational right now. If you own a pet, you may have to make a decision about their upkeep. Lucky colours are grey and red. Lucky numbers are 24 and 62.
Go to TopThu Feb 8: Open Your Mind
Open your mind to new facts and ideas today. They could come courtesy of a friend who's full of information about something you've never heard of before, or you might read something fascinating in a book or magazine. The most important thing right now is to keep your mind and your options open, and not to dismiss any idea until you've thought it through carefully. Lucky colours are plum and blue. Lucky numbers are 7 and 43.
Go to TopFri Feb 9: Ps and Qs
Mind your Ps and Qs, especially when talking to people who have some clout or power over you, otherwise you'll land up to your neck in hot water. It's one of those days when you're very tempted to make the sort of clever remarks that sound great while you're thinking about them but make you cringe the moment you utter them. So save yourself the trouble of having to apologize by not saying anything in the first place. Lucky colours are amethyst and navy. Lucky numbers are 20 and 62.
Go to TopSat Feb 10: Wealth and Status
You should be ready for some fun, so surround yourself with your favourite people early in the day, then personal finances, friendships, and your values come to the fore. Luxury items do appeal! You'll be keen to spend on your appearance, thanks to Venus. Is social status connected with wealth in your world? Lucky colours are emerald green and steel grey. Lucky numbers are 2 and 11.
Go to TopSun Feb 11: Focus On Pleasure
During the next few weeks you concentrate on the people and things that give you the greatest pleasure and contentment. You'll feel cheated if you can't do this, and it will feel as though something major is missing from your life. If you have some money to spare, you'll enjoy buying beautiful things that will increase in value over time. Lucky colours are gold and lazuli. Lucky numbers are 17 and 69.
Go to TopMon Feb 12: Party Mood
You'll be in the mood to celebrate in some way. Maybe you could go out on the town with some friends, or meet up at someone's house for a meal? If that sounds a bit too energetic, you'll enjoy staying at home and getting immersed in one of your favourite hobbies. If you're involved in a group venture, such as an amateur dramatics society, you could be asked to take the lead in some way. Lucky colours are toffee and peach. Lucky numbers are 26 and 25.
Go to TopTue Feb 13: Shop 'Till You Drop
Going shopping? Don't be surprised if you start buying all sorts of things on the spur of the moment. When you look at them after you've got them home, you may wonder what on earth possessed you to buy some of them. They might not be your usual taste at all, or they could be the sort of two-minute wonders whose ultimate destination is the bin. If you're reading this before you go shopping, try to curb your enthusiasm and save yourself some money in the process. Lucky colours are mandarin and yellow. Lucky numbers are 27 and 7.
Go to TopWed Feb 14: Happy Valentine's Day!
You're in such a chatty mood today that it will be a miracle if you can do anything but talk! You've got so much to say! As a result, a quick chat with someone will turn into a long conversation and a phone call could work out a lot more expensive than you bargained for. Although you'll enjoy nattering away about whatever pops into your head, you should make sure you aren't stopping someone from talking about something that they consider to be much more important. Lucky colours are platinum and blue. Lucky numbers are 8 and 15.
Go to TopThu Feb 15: Positive Energy
This is a wonderfully optimistic day and you're full of good thoughts, which is a great way to attract positive events and people. Right now, you're particularly concerned with increasing your luck, perhaps by entering a competition or lottery, and also with the prospect of travel to far-off places. If you suspect that you're stuck in a rut at the moment, this is a marvellous opportunity to start climbing out of it. Lucky colours are raspberry and avocado. Lucky numbers are 25 and 49.
Go to TopFri Feb 16: New Moon
Today's New Moon in Aquarius, a Solar Eclipse, heralds the beginning of the Chinese year of the Dog, and it also beckons the start of a two-week phase in which you'll have a lot more initiative and energy than usual. Don't let this go to waste because you'll be able to do great things between now and late February, especially if you're working on personal projects and new ventures. Lucky colours are gold and green. Lucky numbers are 25 and 71.
Go to TopSat Feb 17: Point Of View
If you've been confused by a friend's behaviour recently, this is your chance to get to the bottom of it. You won't have to give them the third degree, either, because they'll probably be happy to talk about what's been happening to them. In fact, today is good for increasing your understanding of anyone in your life, simply by talking to them and doing your best to see things from their point of view. Lucky colours are grapefruit and sienna. Lucky numbers are 19 and 20.
Go to TopSun Feb 18: Material Or Spiritual?
Financial matters take on added importance now, and this phase will continue for the next four weeks. During this time you might evaluate people on the basis of what they own rather than who they are, or you could consider yourself a failure because you don't have as many assets as someone you admire. Try to avoid being materialistic because it isn't your style and in the end it will only make you unhappy. Lucky colours are apricot and gold. Lucky numbers are 7 and 43.
Go to TopMon Feb 19: Invest In Your Health
If you feel like spending some money today, consider investing in your health. You might splash out on some organic food, stock up on vitamins and minerals, or treat yourself to a massage or complementary therapy. None of this has to cost a fortune, and certainly right now you aren't keen on overspending or throwing your money away. You're looking for value for money, and if you're sensible you'll get it. Lucky colours are ultramarine and violet. Lucky numbers are 38 and 7.
Go to TopTue Feb 20: Foundation Stones
Have a think about your plans for the future. How are they progressing and are you happy with them? If you suspect that they aren't going as well as they might, start doing something about it. Even if your ideas are still in the early stages, they may benefit from some tweaking and fine-tuning. A few changes now could save you a lot of time and trouble in the future. Lucky colours are purple and gold. Lucky numbers are 35 and 15.
Go to TopWed Feb 21: Need To Talk
A friend needs to talk to you today because there's something they want to discuss with someone they can trust. Your conversation will become hard-hitting and searching, because neither of you will want to skim over the surface. Instead, you're ready to talk about things as they really are, and to see things in their true perspective. Lucky colours are aubergine and ivory. Lucky numbers are 4 and 34.
Go to TopThu Feb 22: Lady Luck
Feeling lucky? It's certainly the day for luck, perhaps by entering a competition or buying a raffle ticket. However, although it's good to feel confident you don't want to become cocky and too sure of yourself, because that will lead to disappointment when things fail to turn out in the way you would have liked. You should also avoid over-committing yourself or taking on more than you can handle. Lucky colours are blue and bronze. Lucky numbers are 23 and 54.
Go to TopFri Feb 23: Romance In The Air
If there was scarcely a whiff of any Valentine's Day romance yesterday, you more than make up for it now because you're in such a soppy mood. It's perfect for getting together with that very special someone and pretending that the rest of the world has vanished. Maybe you could organize a special dinner or buy your beloved a thoughtful gift while you're in this escapist mood. After all, harsh reality will intrude all too soon, so you may as well enjoy this romantic interlude while it lasts. Lucky colours are cream and red. Lucky numbers are 38 and 39.
Go to TopSat Feb 24: What's More Important?
From today you need to start thinking seriously about the things that mean the most to you. Do you spend enough time on them or do they have to take a back seat to more urgent matters, even though you don't care about these nearly as much? Well, if you're feeling short-changed it's time to redress the balance in some way, even if it means getting up half an hour earlier each morning in order to fit in some time for yourself. Lucky colours are avocado and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 23 and 44.
Go to TopSun Feb 25: Get Organized
This a great day to get organized as the Moon activates your sixth house of health and service. There are few things more embarrassing than being asked for an important document or other item and not being able to find what should be readily available. See to it you know where everything is. Lucky colours are cornflower blue and beige. Lucky numbers are 32 and 41.
Go to TopMon Feb 26: The Daily Round
The moody Moon's still in Cancer, narrowing the focus down to household and family matters. Attend to anything that needs doing to keep the day to day running smooth. It should be simple to keep the balance today with regard to money matters, work requirements and family matters. Don't forget to give a little space to your intimate life, the fuel that keeps all these other things running. Time given to partners or self-nurture is well spent. Lucky colours are blue and brown. Lucky numbers are 18 and 21.
Go to TopTue Feb 27: Martyr Complex
The more someone considers themselves to be put upon and treated like Cinderella before she met her Prince Charming, the more likely they are to lash out and lose their temper today. So beware of adopting a martyr complex yourself because it will make you scratchy and hard to live with. If someone else is behaving like this, ask them what's wrong and encourage them to tell you, even if you suspect that you won't like what you hear. Lucky colours are pink and grey. Lucky numbers are 17 and 46.
Go to TopWed Feb 28: Eyes Wide Open
As far as you're concerned, a certain person has very skewed values. In fact, you won't believe what you hear today and you may even suspect that your leg is being pulled. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't, but either way you're being encouraged to look at your priorities in life with fresh eyes. How do you really feel about them and have they changed recently? Be honest with yourself! Lucky colours are aquamarine and yellow. Lucky numbers are 39 and 4.
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