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Aquarius, the Water Bearer Aquarius Rising

Aquarius by Barbara Nagel


Aquarius Rising gives you a detached, intellectual outlook, combined with considerable mental poise. You stay cool under pressure and take sudden shocks or unexpected changes in your stride. An interest, not to say a fascination with the bizarre and unusual can lead you down some rather interesting pathways. Status, power, and wealth are of marginal value, for you are interested in people for their own sake, not the social trappings which accompany them. Friendships are easily made and not so easily broken, for your air of easygoing familiarity and pleasant demeanour is rather attractive.

Ruled by Uranus (lord of reversals and unexpected upheavals) and Saturn, lord of karma (purification and restriction), your personality can be changeable, yet deeply focused and quite original in approach. Most likely your life will undergo one or more dramatic changes of direction, often through some twist of fate or circumstances over which you have no control. Changes can occur suddenly and unexpectedly, for though Saturn's influence implies a calm and stable disposition, Uranus often reacts in quite unexpected ways.

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Unpredictable and independent, you can be argumentative and love to play devil's advocate. You need your personal freedom, so when you marry or form partnerships you should choose your partners with care, since you are quite unable to put up with possessiveness and over-dependence. You enjoy physical and mental stimulation and, my dears, whilst you are keenly interested in the future and are fascinated by the past (especially the offbeat, little-known areas), you somehow lose track of what's going on in the present. Ahead of your time, others may perceive you as out of step with the rest of society.

Your strong physique and reserves of stamina, combined with your notorious stubbornness makes it difficult to break undesirable habits and behaviour patterns. Your independence is legendary and, of course, you do tend to be somewhat opinionated, especially in matters that have stimulated your interest in the offbeat. Others stand little chance of changing your ideas, for you must become convinced on your own account that such changes are necessary. You probably like science, sociology, music and design, while your pursuit of hidden things and unusual research can lead you to an interest in astrology and other arcane matters. You are good with money, which tends to come your way unexpectedly, yet appropriately to your lifestyle. You are subject to nervous conditions, problems with the lower legs, ankles and stiffness or inflexibility of the bones and joints.

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