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Astrology Quiz:  Answers to Question 2

Here is the answer to Question 2 of our Astrology Quiz. Follow the links to read more about this subject:

Question Answer Link
How many
Signs of the Zodiac
are there?
There are 12 Signs of the Zodiac. The Zodiac ("Circle of Animals") is divided into 12 sectors of 30° each, called Signs, which roughly correspond to the Constellations (Star Groups) of the same name. The Signs no longer coincide with the constellations in western tropical astrology; the Zodiac is a symbolic geometrical construction, mapped onto the heavens, using the constellations as a guide. It is not a precise placement of the constellations, which do not occupy 30° each and gradually change their location by precession (see Stars & Signs for more on this). Click these links to
read more about the
Signs of the Zodiac:
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