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Suzanna Collins, Astrologer and Witch

Suzanna has studied a wide variety of subjects along her path of spiritual learning, enlightenment and many facets of belief including Buddhism, esoteric subjects, metaphysics, and reincarnation.

Suzanna gained her Astrology qualifications studying through the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA), and has over 30 years of experience. A spiritual healer, her sharp intuitive nature and psychic abilities have allowed her to gain insight into the needs of others. She has been reading tarot and other divination cards since the age of 16 years, an inherited gift from her maternal grandmother who she never knew.

Suzanna has returned to writing columns on Astrology after a period of life on the farm, raising and caring for animals, as well as running a successful cottage craft business. She comes with a creative flair for writing, along with her artistic endeavours in other fields.

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bullet Relationships: The Journey to the Heart
bullet Career & Finances: Stake Your Claim
bullet Home & Away: Family and Children
bullet Health: Balancing Your Energies
bullet Mercury: Periods of Confusion
bullet Lunar Life: Your Very Own Moon
bullet Eclipses: Turning Points

2017 Horoscope Forecast
Pisces, the Fishes 
defining your hopes and goals

Welcome to 2017, dear Pisces! The New Year is always good for the Fishy Folk, because the Sun is streaming from powerful Capricorn, the sign of the Sea-Goat. This is your eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes, other people's children and income from career. This year also starts with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn bringing forward events from December affecting friendships, hopes and dreams. On January 4th, Mercury reverses into Sagittarius, your 10h house of career and public image, to clear any misunderstandings, discussions, delays with the Great and Good. The Trickster turns direct on January 8th in Sagittarius, before moving forward into Capricorn on January 12th.

One of the key markers of destiny this year is found in the movement of the Moon's Nodes, the mythical Dragon's Head and Tail, taking the North Node out of Virgo, your seventh house of partners, and into Leo, your house of work and health between April 9th, when the Mean Node transforms just as Mercury turns retrograde, and May 9th, when the True Node finishes the transition. This period will bring a feeling of fated happenings, karmic events, people from past lives and others who will have significant bearing on your future. The Moon's nodes are an axis, so the Dragon's Head in Virgo for the past year has seen the Dragon's Tail in Pisces, generating the urge for immersion in spiritual oneness. There's no need to reach this state by escaping the world through addiction, social withdrawal, giving up, or avoiding the daily grind. You have a strong psychic and spiritual power, so embrace what you really are, and who you have come here to deal with, because the need to discover and understand this is upon you now.

Venus Retrograde

Love Goddess Venus turns retrograde on March 4th in fiery Aries, your 2nd house of personal finances, and values, stepping back into Pisces on April 3rd. A planet is retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. It's a cosmic illusion, as planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, thanks to the interaction of the planetary orbits. It's a bit like travelling on the road watching another car beside you: when the other car slows down, or you speed up, it looks as though the other car is moving backwards.

Sensual Venus turns retrograde only once every eighteen months, with the phase lasting about six weeks. The love Goddess turns in conjunction with the Fixed Star Alderamin, marking the right shoulder of Cepheus, the King. It's a fortunate star ruled by Saturn and Jupiter, grave and stern in judgement, awakening severe trials, celebrated in poetry and drama. By the Kabalists this constellation is associated with the Hebrew letter Shin and the 22nd Tarot Trump, "The Fool". 

At 9:10 UT on Saturday, March 4th, 2017, Venus reaches her retrograde station at 13° Aries 6', in preparation for a period of retrograde motion that will last until April 15th, 2017, when she reaches her direct station at 26° Pisces 54'. At this time she halts in the sign of the Fish and begins her return to direct motion through the zodiac. On April 28th, she re-enters Aries, but remains in a shadow phase until May 19th, 2017.

The first part of the Venus retrograde phase is in your 2nd house. From March 4th to April 2nd the influence of the Goddess affects Aries, your 2nd house of personal finances. Your values and earnings are going to be stressed. The urge to purchase luxury items is intense, and more money than usual goes out on social events as well as expenditure on your appearance or the attractiveness of your environment. The issue of wealth connected with social status may arise is some form. In the event that financial matters are disrupted by disagreement, you may have to play the peace-maker.

The second part of the Venus retrograde phase comes in Pisces from April 3rd to April 27th. You will need to deal with your feelings, and reassess your current relationships. You may not even be sure how you feel and what you need out of a relationship. Make an effort to readdress your needs and those of your partner by boosting harmony, offering a compromise, or reconciliation and being patient until conditions progress. Your personal magnetism and physical charm is enhanced by the Goddess, who is hard at work for you. You want to surround yourself with beauty. A concert, art or fashion show may be on the agenda, but while Venus is retrograde all matters to do with creative expression are subject to disappointment, if not a dose of dowdiness. Partners or other allies should be supportive, but are you willing to extend your own cooperation?

Avoid the tendency for self-indulgence, or overstating your own attractions and importance, especially if your boasting may be taken as being to the detriment of your closest relationships. You can easily dominate the romantic scene. Just don't overdo it and turn the whole situation into little more than the pursuit of ego-gratification. You may feel a touch discouraged and discontented from April 6th to the 25th, as Venus and stern Saturn enter a stressful square aspect. It may be the time you settle a divorce, or find it difficult to come to terms with someone in your life.

Dragon's Head and Tail

The Moon's nodal axis, known as the Dragon's Head and Tail, is particularly potent just before changing signs. The Moon's Nodes travel in retrograde mode, and the Mean North Node will move from Virgo into Leo, your 6th house of work and health on April 29th, with the True Node following suit on May 9th, as discussed above. The effects of this change will be felt most strongly with the node in the first degree of Virgo (from April 9th to May 9th). Since the nodes are an axis, the South Node heads out of Pisces and into Aquarius at the same time. Remember the normal movement of the nodes is backwards through the zodiac.

With the North Node retrograding into your 6th house, karmic lessons will surface by way of creating a crisis within your consciousness where the physical world appears exhausting. The effects of work conditions and your attitude to your job can overtake your ability to cope, undermining your ideals and structures. If better organisational skills are developed, a sense of achievement will emerge through a stronger commitment to routine with less focus on the mundane faults of others. Resist a tendency to self-pity, resentment and jealousy, or internalising anger over your own present shortcomings. Otherwise, this could lead to poor health and symptoms of disorders and nervousness. Instead of trying to impress others, develop your inner strength through solitude. Try working within groups to develop a higher consciousness, and being less focused on feeling bitter. Increase your compassion and sympathy, improve your diet, and let go of childhood conditioning, concerns and worries through self-evaluation and psychological processes. Fish will also go through an important phase and learning curve between September 1st and the 17th.

Love and Money Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

Nebulous Neptune continues his long journey through your sign, giving rise to difficulties in relationships, unclear communication and unrealistic expectations. This will also affect business partnerships, alliances and marriage. An increasing sense of abandonment and self pity, and gradual erosion of your self-image is at work on you beneath the surface. This can be devastating to the very young and inexperienced, but if you have attained maturity and a healthy self image, the damage will be minimal. Turn your attention to the more positive possibilities. Consciously or subconsciously the images you project to others during this period are those of helplessness, glamour and mystery. Others are attracted for reasons they may not quite understand or be able to describe. At least they'll be inclined to take you under their wing. Your spiritual and artistic awareness increases and, as if to make up for losing a certain sense of reality, you may begin to act more instinctively and intuitively.

Dark Pluto remains in practical Capricorn, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes all year. Pluto's powerful presence warns that you will become increasingly concerned with your own happiness and the recognition and rewards for your efforts. What do you want and need to be happy? Altruism is fine but this is an all-or-nothing situation, and sooner or later you will be confronted with your true motives and especially the relationships you form. If you have a profession, you will go for greater monetary rewards. You may seek a more powerful position within an organisation, or to use your membership to enrich your situation in other areas. Past neglect of important relationships may catch up with you, and even long-term relationships will be abandoned if they fail to provide you with what you need. Ease up on the urge to manipulate! You can establish a powerful network of relationships that help you become happier and more successful as an individual -- having learned the karmic lesson that you need to be part of something outside yourself in order to really understand your power as an individual. Perhaps you will get involved with someone who already has a child by a previous match. Expect transformative changes within your friendships and relationships, and in creativity and speculative matters.

As 2017 begins, mighty Mars in Pisces will be throwing a well-aimed spanner into your sense of self. Keep a low and cautious profile, because, although you may feel inspired, a potential for making unwise decisions and taking equally unwise actions is in the frame. People can quickly become confused and misunderstand you or your actions. But will you understand their actions or motives? Trying to discover and sort out who did what, and where, when, or why it was done, may be virtually impossible. Physical efforts may be purposefully secretive, or simply go undetected or unrecognized. Physical energy and efforts can quickly become dissipated or undermined. Take care when around or in the water, and when dealing with drugs, chemicals, or gas. January 1st to the 3rd will add confusion to relationships, so avoid partying too hard.

There is an associated risk of deception and misunderstanding, since Mercury will be retrograde. January 6th to the 13th sees power struggles and control issues in most relationships. But fortunately attractive Venus will travel through your sign too, assisting in settling differences, bringing love, peace offerings and harmony. February 26th features a New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse in Pisces. It is time to renew your inner vitality and energy. How determined are you? What is your purpose in life? How much personal influence do you wield? You can be more forceful and dynamic now, but too much self-assertion can make it difficult to accept (or ask for) the advice of others. Develop your personality, appearance and personal skills so you can be more successful and independent. A strong, healthy self-image makes you more productive as an individual, which in turn encourages you to treat others with more generosity and sensitivity. Take care of things personally. Don't allow others to speak or act for you. It is your personality, behaviour and physical presentation that can make the difference.

Sensual Venus retrogrades into Pisces on April 3rd although she reaches her stationary point on April 15th. Your personal magnetism and physical charm gets another boost up to the 27th. Make an effort to exert your personal influence. You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Why not indulge in a new hair style, beauty treatment, or enhance your appearance in some other way? With Mercury also retrograde, you should be able to resolve joint money issues.

August 7th sees a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, your 2nd house. Although this Lunar Eclipse will have a bearing on your finances, it will also influence your personal values and priorities. This is then followed by a Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th. A tug-of-war expresses the potential conflict between your desires and emotional needs, and your practical ambitions. The Great and Good may make impossible demands without knowing, or perhaps without caring have much it inconveniences you! Trying to appeal in emotional terms will probably waste your time and energy. Direct confrontations with female family or female associates is also likely to nosedive. Appreciate the positive circumstances, but don't be misguided enough to think you can easily overcome any negative ones.

Stern Saturn moves into your 11th house of friends on December 20th for a lengthy stay. This influence has as much to do with the past as it does with the present. It will force you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. Assess your satisfaction with a career, efforts involving other long-range goals, and the role you play in the lives of other people. As your analysis of these various roles comes under increasing scrutiny, a strain is to be expected in the relationships and activities that are not making you happy. You may have to take responsibility for a child that is not biologically yours, or become more responsible as a member of an organization or group effort. Venus makes her entrance into your 11th house on December 25th, visiting until January 17th, 2018. This will be a delightful time for friendships, group activities and relating in ways that will fulfil your hopes and dreams.

2017 Pisces Home and Family Home and Family  Go to Top

April 21st sees Warlord Mars crossing the borders of your 4th house of home and family. Take action on organising your personal possessions, home and domestic arrangements, family relationships, family-owned property or business, and real-estate transactions in general. An increase in family activities is in the frame. You may be inspired to rescue or restore heirlooms. The potential of this period may also be described as a new beginning. If you have been thinking about a new business venture or achieving some physical goal, you are likely to put plans in motion. Make sure your household insurance is in effect; check your home for possible fire hazards. Watch your step to prevent falls, cuts, and other mishaps around the house, and go out of your way to avoid angry domestic scenes.

May 21st to June 21st sees the Sun in Gemini, your 4th house, shining light into your family zone. Your attention turns to private life, domestic chores and matters related to home or property. Interest and participation in family relationships and activities increase. Your role and influence and the need to assert and express yourself in the family receives the cosmic spotlight. There may also be disputes over family property. Family pride, however, is high and family bonds are strengthened. Family support and the advantage of family assets or connections increase the determination to begin new ventures of your own at this time. Challenges come to the fore from May 28th to the 30th under the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Emotions will be particularly sensitive over family concerns, possessions, real estate, past differences, and your sub-conscious drives. It's a good to examine your relationships, security and comfort needs.

Mid-year will prove a time of disruption as well as harmony. Events will be topsy-turvy, particularly on May 25th with the New Moon in Gemini. Although this will be a time of new directions, disruptions will test your ability to overcome obstacles. May 28th aggravates the issues, as Mars opposes Saturn. You may waste more time and energy trying to get around the rules than if you had just complied with them in the first place. Attempts at organization, or to put structure and purpose into projects and other physical efforts are difficult, so more than one task may be dumped. Delay turns into cancellation, and anger battles maturity and experience. There is increased potential for accidents to your teeth or bones and flare-ups of chronic ailments.

Venus the Goddess makes her way into your 4th house from July 5th to the 31st. This presages a harmonious time for family relationships, redecorating, and entertaining with family get-togethers. Entertaining at home and encouraging social gatherings within your family are favoured. Venus awakens the urge to redecorate or enhance the physical appearance of your home; perhaps adding books, music, or art to improve the quality of your domestic environment. Harmonious relationships between family members should be encouraged. Real estate negotiations, legal matters connected with a family business, or the artistic endeavours of at least one of your parents are stimulated during this phase.

December 3rd sees a Full Moon in Gemini influencing your home life, family, real estate, and property. It will highlight your relationship with family members, your feelings and deeper emotions. You will examine your self-importance, career pressures, and public status that you portray. Family problems may surface, the role you play in balancing your security but those of your family.

Jupiter Enters Scorpio

On another note, giant Jupiter enters Scorpio your 9th house of travel and cultural pursuits on October 10th, staying there till November 7th, 2018. This will be a tremendous time in which to expand your knowledge, higher studies, writings and publications, journeys, dealing with foreigners and overseas travel. Interests and success are likely through higher education, learning a language, linguistic skills and literacy. Your overall perceptions will be greater, which will allow your thought patterns and how you relate to others to expand. Open the door to opportunities and explore alternative avenues of new experiences.

Work and Health Work and Health: Balancing Your Energies  Go to Top

2017 will see major changes in your sector of work and health, your 6th house. It will also impact your sector of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. From January 19th to February 17th, the Sun beams into Aquarius your12th house, followed by the New Moon in Aquarius on January 28th, and Mercury there from February 7th to the 25th. The Sun will be in Leo between July 22nd and August 22nd. During this period, your main focus will be on efficiency in the work place, introducing methodical systems, and orderliness. You'll show service to others, improve work relationships, be involved in discussions on needs of co-workers and employees. You'll need to keep in good health, look after your diet, hygiene, and routine matters. If you are due for a medical check-up or dental appointment, do it doing this period.

The big movement of the year will be the change of signs of the Moon's Nodes, which will turn the cosmic spotlight onto your work and health from April/May onwards. Much has already been said on these topics, but it is clear that spiritual and intellectual progress can be made, with the potential for a knowledgeable teacher or guru to cross your path, much to your benefit.

The eclipses this year will affect your energy balance to a notable degree. February 11th sees a Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo which will influence your 6th house of work and health. August 7th sees a Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, which will influence your 12th house of secrets, hidden affairs and subconscious motivations, then August 21st sees a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Leo that again will affect issues governed by your 6th house of work, health, colleagues and small animals. These are discussed in more detail later in the forecast.

2017 Pisces Career Matters Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim  Go to Top

Fearless Mars will boost the dramas in your working environment between July 20th and September 5th. There will be plenty of things to do in the way of physical exercise and work -- on the job as well as around the house. Circumstances may put you in a position to hire others. The flow can make you more aggressive or competitive concerning work, co-workers, or employees. You'll confront any problem with gusto and seek a solution, but should resist the urge to give in to angry outbursts or rash actions.

Venus also enters Leo on July 26th, improving relationships at work. It's time to put harmony into your working environment. An office romance, or social event connected with co-workers may be on your agenda. Beautifying the work place is high on the list: anything from major renovation and redecoration projects to just putting fresh paint on the walls, installing background music and adding plants or art work to brighten the surroundings. A new diet and physical fitness program, or other personal physical enhancements such as beauty treatments, a new hair style, dental work, and cosmetic surgery are favoured. There is potential to experience headache, fever, inflammation, or flare up of chronic illness. Why not use the energy to begin a program of physical fitness? Be sure to consult a physician or other health experts before you start. Enthusiasm can easily get out of hand. If your body is not used to regular or vigorous exercise be careful not to overexert yourself.

The Sun strides into Leo on July 22nd. What does (or does not) motivate you to work? Do you take pride in carrying out daily tasks and responsibilities with efficiency? Does whether you work for yourself, or for someone else, make a difference to your attitude? A tendency to be ruled by stubborn pride, especially at work, should be controlled. The consciousness of your vitality brings an increased awareness of your own mortality. This may prompt a greater concern with the state of your general health, perhaps generating an enthusiasm for proper diet and physical fitness.

The Moon's nodes, as discussed, will enter Leo in April and May. This will turn a good deal of your attention to making good money and improving your working conditions for the ensuing eighteen months. You may also need to deal with issues concealed behind the scenes, as serious young insects make an effort to subvert you. Why not try some charitable work, or work in back office production? You'll enjoy that.


Financial opportunities lie in wait with giant Jupiter remaining in Libra, your 8th house of other people's money, sexuality and end-of-life matters, until the 10th of October. This is the time to acquire wealth through property or investments. Joint income, investments, collection of debts, taxes, insurance, and the settlement of estate matters are areas affected. Requests for financial assistance are likely to be favoured. Progress and the growth of knowledge are easier to achieve with respect to analysis, investigation, or research. Enjoyment is apt to be felt on a much deeper level, and to spring as much from psychological satisfaction as physical gratification. Greater sexual enjoyment is a commonly expected consequence of this influence. However, the broader possibilities include gaining deeper understanding of the nature and purpose of sex as well as other forces of nature. Jupiter finally moves into Scorpio, your 9th house of travel, cultural pursuits, religion, politics and the higher mind on October 10th, 2017.

Venus will retrograde through Aries, your 2nd house of personal finances and values, from March 4th to April 2nd, when Venus trips the light fantastic back to Pisces. Turning direct in Pisces on April 15th, the Wealth Goddess heads on into Aries again on April 28th, but she remains in a shadow phase until May 19th, and will exit Aries on June 5th. This marks a long period of juggling finances, and with a bit of luck you will be in a position to settle concerns, gain loans, and unexpected benefits. The Full Moon on April 11, will make its presence felt in Libra, emphasizing your financial picture, expenditure and the need for a good budget.

Mercury also retrogrades into your 2nd house on April 20th, drawing your attention to your personal income and other financial concerns, but especially interesting you in discussing and perhaps revising your personal value system. Negotiations will go slower than usual, particularly with loan applications, clearing debts and researching stats and figures. Mercury will then go direct on May 3rd and moves out of your 2nd house on May 15th.

Your area of finances will be highlighted from September 22nd through to December 8th with Venus giving you some additional gains from October 14th to November 6th. Mars rolls into your finance area from October 22nd to December 8th. This will give you the energy you need in working hard for your money, but with it there's a high chance of spending unnecessarily.

2017 Pisces Mercury the Messenger Mercury the Messenger  Go to Top

Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, enters a retrograde phase for a brief period of some three weeks three times a year on average. This year, however, there are four retro phases for you to deal with. During these phases hiccups are likely to occur in communication, travel and transport. Misunderstandings, lack of information, phone and internet problems, along with breakdowns with appliances, machinery and component failure are all in the frame. This occurs thanks to inattention to detail, messages being unclear, or misreading the fine-print in documents. Fine-tune areas that need your attention; other people may be holding back on information that you are after, or has it simply been misplaced, even lost in the mail?

Ideas and plans that are put in place at the onset of a retrograde period are subject to delays, or being put on the backburner for another time. While Mercury is retrograde, a process of review can effectively resolve problems, more so when Mercury returns to direct motion through the zodiac. Not everyone suffers so much during a retrograde phase, due to Mercury's condition in the natal chart. For instance, should the Divine Messenger be retrograde at the time of birth, it can give you the flow of tidying up loose ends, clearing paperwork, and looking at areas that need your attention. Those with natal Mercury retrograde often do very well during these transiting retrograde periods. If that's you, remember that others may not be so fortunate.

It's important to double-check all arrangements for possible mistakes. Listen to what others have to say and make yourself clearly understood. If possible, hold off on major decisions and purchases, signing crucial documents, and making new verbal or written agreements. This year's Mercury retrograde phases are outlined below, giving you an insight into the year ahead:

December 19, 2016 – January 8th, 2017, Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, 11th/10th house.

This is the remainder of the Mercury retrograde phase that began last year on December 19th, in your 10th house of career and public image. Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn at the start of January, briefly heading back into Sagittarius on January 4th. You'll pick up where you left off under the spotlight clearing disagreements with employers, leaders and authority figures. Review any concepts and plans you had at the end of 2016 and see whether they are still practical to continue with. Matters concerning your employment, public image and helping the Great and Good, will need fine tuning. The Cosmic Prankster turns direct on January 8th in Sagittarius, and rolls on into Capricorn your 11th house on January 12th. Back to the drawing board for holiday season entertainment, especially for bored children who could do with some fun. Pick up where you left off with creative plans or writing, resolve squabbles with loved ones and reconnect with friends. You'll be eager to get back to making plans with your mates concerning attaining greater heights of achievement with regard to your hopes and dreams. Normality will return once Mercury comes out of the shadow phase on January 28th.

April 9th – 20th, Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, 3rd/2nd house

On April 9th, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus, your 3rd house of communication, affecting the flow of information and communications that comes your way. You will be given, or can take, an opportunity to express your own individuality and exert your personal influence. Don't hesitate to take advantage or make use of the ideas of others but be sure that you give them proper credit. Your creative input or the strength of character you verbally express in a situation can make a big difference.

The Cosmic Prankster then re-enters Aries on April 20th, your 2nd house of personal finances and values. The majority of paperwork, writing, meetings, and discussions is likely to involve finances. Transacting business, increasing income, conserving monetary assets, monitoring expenditures, and comparison shopping are all affected by confusion , anxieties and careless errors. You need to discuss, perhaps even defending or reassessing your priorities and values. Past arguments could arise over joint resources and possessions during March 23rd to the 28th, and from April 27th to the 30th. Mercury turns direct on May 3rd in Aries, then moves forward on May 16th to re-enter Taurus, your 3rd house, although he remains in a shadow phase until May 21st, when you can zoom onwards with educational plans and making waves in the neighbourhood.

August 13th – 31st, Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, 7th/6th house

On August 13th, the Cosmic Prankster turns retrograde in your 7th house of partnership. Opposing forces bruise your ego, as ideas and opinions emerge that are incompatible with your own. They are less than sympathetic with the type of image you like to project, or the personal influence you want to exert. Why waste your efforts trying to get others to change their minds? Are they going to listen to you? If you cannot find an agreeable or productive way to work with certain people, be content to work quietly on your own.. On the 31st, Mercury re-enters Leo, your 6th house briefly when you will concentrate on the paperwork and routines at the office, which will seem to be in turmoil. On September 5th, Mercury turns direct in Leo before re-entering Virgo on the 10th. Be thorough with information, and read through all documents carefully, as confusion and cloudy thinking is possible from September 19th to the 21st, when Mercury opposes deceptive Neptune. Mercury will be out of the shadow phase on September 20th just as the New Moon and Venus enters your 7th house. Things are looking up!

December 3 ­ 23rd, 2017, Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, 10th house

This will mark the last Mercury retrograde phase for the year, beginning on December 3rd in your 10th house of career and public reputation. Mercury will be conjunct stern Saturn from December 1st to the 8th, compounding issues in the public sphere, particularly problems with an employer or influential figure. Ideas and information as well as communications in general are restricted or limited, whether by your choice or circumstances. One alternative may be that the information or communications themselves are not limited but your receptiveness to acquiring or understanding them may be lacking. Contacts and travel are related to business or for serious pursuits. Organization and preparation, or the lack of it, can become big issues. You will have to face issues that originally arose from November 25th to the 30th. Mercury returns to direct motion on December 23rd, but will remain in a shadow phase until January 11th, 2018.

2017 Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon  Go to Top

Your personal New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, occurs on February 26h in Pisces. It will be a powerhouse for you, dear Pisces, and you will feel your vitality rising from the 18th. See more info under Eclipses.

Your personal Full Moon occurs on September 6th in Pisces, your 1st house of personality. This Full Moon will see a culmination of major events that took place back in September 2016. The emphasis will be on your self-image, having greater self-confidence and getting in tune with your emotions. Focus on relationships, partnerships, marriage, agreements, and open enemies, because your emotions are likely get in the way of your better judgement. Emotional levels expand and your desires can become quite grand. You can effortlessly gain greater emotional commitment and have no trouble attracting love and affection as well. You may seek higher social status, and get it. However, in seeking to improve your popularity, you may indulge in extravagant spending and accumulating material possessions -- all the better to impress. Your residence may be upgraded and your domestic environment prosper from a greater appreciation of education, spirituality or culture. Your mother should also prosper at this time. Difficulties, however, may arise with changes and adjustments to joint resources and possessions, business partnership dealings and other sources of income. Problems with real estate contracts and family agreements also surface..

Eclipses Eclipses  Go to Top

Eclipses can instigate major turning points in your life, and are best not to be ignored. They have a long-lasting effect over some six months and have a much stronger effect than regular lunation cycles. Depending on your natal chart, this of course can vary due to planetary degrees, and aspects. Here are the eclipses for 2017.

A Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 11th will influence your 6th house of work and health. This is a good time to examine what does or does not motivate you to work. Do you take pride in carrying out tasks and responsibilities with efficiency? Does whether you work for yourself, or for someone else, make a difference to your attitude? Your personal status with workmates and subordinates may be sabotaged by the machinations of secret enemies, or covert opposition. A tendency to be ruled by stubborn pride, especially at work, should be controlled. The consciousness of your vitality brings an increased awareness of proper diet and physical fitness. It will see you working behind the scenes, uncovering and researching money matters. Unexpected benefits may arrive, but at the same time you will have secret concerns, doubts and anxiety through family matters, health, and work dilemmas. There may be private concerns over a partner's health, those in hospital or your own wellbeing. Nervous tension could arise, especially if you overload yourself with too much mental activity.

Your Personal New Moon, an Annular Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th will be in your 1st house of personality and self-image. This eclipse is conjunct the fortunate Fixed Star, Skat a star of Saturn and Jupiter. Skat brings good fortune, awakening personal charm and lasting happiness. It stimulates psychic interests, sensitivity, occult interests, and encourages many friends. Success should be there for you, even if it feels like a grand achievement, though a lack of success will feel like a blow. You take everything personally and are more aggressive in the expression of your creativity and imagination. Try to avoid indulging in self-centeredness, stubborn pride, or difficulties with supervisors or authority figures. Today encourages the beginning of a new venture that you initiate for yourself, or one in which you play a prominent part. Spiritual matters, fantasies and ideals are at work. You may, for instance, visit those who are sick or confined or volunteer assistance to charitable causes. Be careful in whatever you do however. You are conveniently inclined to lose sight of reality (whoŠ you..?) or it may be that others purposefully (or mistakenly) hide the truth from you. Mend apparent rifts, and take your existing relationships onto a new scale, deepening commitments. Between February 25th and March 3rd, arguments will arise over finances. Ensure that the information, facts and negotiations that take place are fully understood on all sides.

A Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th occurs in your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. It will see you working behind the scenes, uncovering and researching money matters. Unexpected benefits may arrive from a partner, investments, a relative or real estate. Restrictions and responsibility are expected to lift, giving you more freedom. At the same time you will have secret concerns, doubts and anxiety through family matters, health, and work dilemmas. You'll tend to be critical when it comes to work, efficiency and routine. There may be private concerns over a partner's health, those in hospital or your own wellbeing. Nervous tension could arise, especially if you overload yourself with too much mental activity.

A New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st affects your 6th house of work and health. You seek the unusual or non-traditional, especially in financial affairs. Trying a different or unique approach to things works to your advantage, in fact, might succeed better than you ever dreamed possible. However, your plan or idea has to have a solid foundation. Participation in group efforts, organizational or club meetings, fund-raising, and political activities is favoured at this time. As the Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd you'll be equipped to take better control of your close relationships and partnerships, and bring about changes. Do others see you as strong, independent and forceful? Do you dominate your partner, or is it the other way round? Does the partnership help, or impede your personal growth? Ego seems to be a big factor as you become more assertive in legal matters, contracts and negotiations. Expressing undue stubbornness or antagonism, however, makes it difficult to resolve conflicts, or reach compromises. This Solar Eclipse could stir up emotions from the past, so avoid bitterness and blaming others for your predicament. Being infuriated won't help in alleviating your inner source of irritability. Look at ways of reducing anxiety through meditation, charity work, helping those in hospital, the elderly or those in need of care.

That's it for our Annual Forecast for 2017, dear Fish! Don't forget to follow up by reading our regular monthly and weekly forecasts for more detailed analysis. For a personal forecast tailored just for your individual needs, visit our order page and select Monthly Personal Predictions or a personal Annual Forecast and Transit Report. Have a great year in 2017.


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