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2017 Horoscope Forecast
Libra the Scales 
bring out the passion

Welcome to 2017, dear Scales Folk! Lucky Libra should be reaping rewards and good fortune as optimistic Jupiter transits your 1st house of personality. It's a new cycle of opportunities, staying poised but much happier about your future plans and prospects. As always you will balance honesty and justice, but now you'll view life in a bigger way than you have in the past. During the first few months of the year, you'll feel the urge to break away from restrictions, as you look at the larger picture in relationships. There is potential for taking the lead in some way, showing your artistic and creative skills with a ring of self-confidence. Happiness lies in a new or advantageous relationship. There'll be the tendency to express yourself in grand way while impressing those around you. Remember to stay in touch with reality, and not to overestimate your abilities and enthusiasm. Jupiter then moves into Scorpio your 2nd house of personal earnings on October 10th, 2017.

Mercury will be in a retrograde phase four times this year. The New Year starts with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, your 4th house, when you will reconsider events from December 2016. It will be back to domestic scene and family concerns, discussions on real estate, possessions, ideas and plans on home improvements. Your mind may be filled with nostalgia while sorting through family photos, heirlooms, trinkets, knick-knacks and the season's old wares. Mercury then reverses into Sagittarius, your 3rd house of communication on January 4th, when you are likely to call on relatives, pass your best wishes, and receive late mail and parcels. The Comic Trickster stations direct on January 8th in Sagittarius, before swinging back into your 4th house on January 12th. The Trickster hovers in a shadow period until the 28th, giving you a chance to manage home affairs. After January 28th you'll put your altered ideas and plans into gear.

On May 9th the Moon's North Node moves from Virgo into Leo, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. This shift will bring a feeling of fated happenings and karmic events, featuring people from past lives, together with others who will have significant bearing on your future.

The Goddess Venus, your planetary ruler, will be wielding her wand in sympathetic Pisces, your 6th house of work and health from January 3rd to February 2nd. It's a perfect time to improve your relationships on the work scene, take a light-hearted attitude to your routine, with a chance to increase your salary. Venus will turn retrograde this year, so read on to see how this phase affects you.

Venus Retrograde

This year Venus, your life-ruler, turns retrograde in fiery Aries, your 7th house of significant commitments before reversing into Pisces, your 6th house of work and health. A planet is retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. It's a cosmic illusion, as planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, thanks to the interaction of the planetary orbits. It's a bit like travelling on the road watching another car beside you: when the other car slows down, or you speed up, it looks as though the other car is moving backwards.

Sensual Venus turns retrograde only once every eighteen months, with the phase lasting about six weeks. The love Goddess turns in conjunction with the Fixed Star Alderamin, marking the right shoulder of Cepheus, the King. It's a fortunate star ruled by Saturn and Jupiter, grave and stern in judgement, awakening severe trials, celebrated in poetry and drama. By the Kabalists this constellation is associated with the Hebrew letter Shin and the 22nd Tarot Trump, "The Fool".

At 9:10 UT on Saturday, March 4th, 2017, Venus reaches her retrograde station at 13 Aries 6', in preparation for a period of retrograde motion that will last until April 15th, 2017, when she reaches her direct station at 26 Pisces 54'. At this time she halts in the sign of the Fish and begins her return to direct motion through the zodiac. On April 28th, she re-enters Aries, but remains in a shadow phase until May 19th, 2017.

The first part of the Venus retrograde phase happens in your 7th house. From March 4th to April 2nd (in Aries), the influence of the Goddess affects your 7th house of significant commitments. Venus in your 7th house marks a time to compromise, deal with your emotions, and reassess the status of your relationship. If you have entered into a new relationship, it may be that you're not feeling as emotionally satisfied, or perhaps other people and events are making you have second thoughts. Consider your own needs and those of the other person. Put love and harmony back into the relationship; reconcile, remain patient and wait for conditions to lift. A second chance is also on the cards. Be ready to come to an agreement, understand each other's needs and differences. Under this phase there are aspects of business partnerships to deal with; legal agreements, public relations and active opposition are in the frame.

The second part of the Venus retrograde phase occurs in your 6th house from April 3rd to April 27th (in Pisces). Review work, relationships with co-workers, and the general atmosphere of your work environment. Perhaps it will be time to finish off creative projects, attend to beauty therapy, your wellbeing, issues of weight gain, and pets. Your job may not bring satisfaction, or you may not get on with others as well as you should. An old flame may reappear, along with a change in your job structure. Make peace offerings should circumstances have been taken the wrong way. A stalemate may occur from April 6th to the 25th, thanks to Venus and stern Saturn in a stressful square aspect to one another. A breakdown in communication is also possible, or you may decide to call it a day.

The Nodes Change Sign

The Moon's nodal axis, also known as the Dragon's Head and Tail, is particularly potent just before changing signs. The Moon's Nodes travel in a retrograde mode, and the Mean North Node will be moving from Virgo into Leo on April 29th, with the True Node following suit on May 9th. The effects of this transition will be felt most strongly in the first degree of Virgo, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. Remember its movement is backwards through the zodiac.

Karmic lessons will be learnt from valuing friendships and impersonal relationships versus the intrigue and dependence on romantic attachments from past lives. The acceptance of dreams is another way of receiving messages. This can to be used as a guide and direction towards achieving goals, rather than forcing your will or ego onto others. Let go of your personal pride, your focus on self and ego, by becoming more impersonal and detached allowing more freedom and less grip within relationships or with other people. Taking a dispassionate point of view allows you to loosen the grip and become non-involved, but be available when others need you. Now that could be difficult. Expand your individuality and become more independent. Joining clubs, groups and organisations may be used as a way of valuing yourself and others.

Love and Money Relationships: the Journey to the Heart   Go to Top

Unconventional Uranus remains in your 7th house of significant commitments all year. Unpredictable situations will spark an urge for freedom, breaking away from traditional values and allowing you to express your individuality. You will be looking for alternatives, more freedom and space for personal growth. This will especially affect those born in the last 10 degrees of the sign as Uranus advances through Aries. Some alliances, relationships and marriages could be short-lived if you cannot find resolution and allow for adjustments. The first few months of the year could be testy, breaking away from restrictions, featuring legal affairs to deal with and problems with business partnerships and those who oppose you. Dates to watch include February 8th, and February 21st through to March 1st.

Bold Mars campaigns in your 7th house from January 28th to March 9th, stirring up ego battles and adding fuel to disagreements. This is the time to show co-operation rather than arguing differences. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on February 11th, is bound to add some love into your life associated with a major turning point in friendships and romantic attractions.

During this time the Goddess Venus turns retrograde in Aries on March 4th, giving you the opportunity to patch up, compromise and reach a settlement. An old love interest may re-appear at this time, but you will have plenty of things to concern yourself with when Mercury dabbles in your agreements, creating differences of opinion and misconstrued talks. Mercury will also travel into your 7th house from March 13th . The cosmic Messenger move forward into Taurus, but retrogrades back into Aries through April and early May.

With the Sun entering your 7th house from March 20th to April 18th, much of your time will be spent on relationship issues let alone any legal business. Venus will dance through Aries again from April 28th to June 5th when you can finally settle problematic areas, reach friendly and pleasant agreements. However May, should place a smile on your face if you can rid yourself of the annoyances of Mars' energy.

The Full Moon and partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7th in your 5th house of romance will stimulate your sensuality, love and affection. But as Mercury will be retrograde once more, consider what you say to others leading up to this time and the way you express your feelings.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st will see you taking a new course with friendships, and love relationships fulfilling some of your goals. Then it's a rewarding and lucky cycle between September 1st and the 17th, which will also benefit you in love relationships. Come October you can review your relationships once more with the Full Moon beaming in Aries on October 5th. October 19th brings a New Moon in your sign, with some Scales ready to look for excitement and stimulation in relationships if you can overcome your emotional need for change.

Home and Family Home and Away: Family and Children   Go to Top

Dark Pluto remains in your 4th house of home and family all year and for long after that. The home front will experience a sweeping broom, and what is no longer relevant in your life will be whisked away. This may be anything from family members or a partner moving out of the nest, to a change of residence, renovating or major repair work on the home to give it a totally new look.

Mercury retrograde focuses on the home at the start of the year, slipping back into your 3rd house and then re-entering Capricorn your 4th house on January 12th. You will resume discussions, thoughts and plans about issues that need your attention. It won't be the best time of the year to pursue tradesmen or professionals to make improvements, real estate agreements or repairs. Better progress will be made after January 28th after which you will proceed with decisions.

July 9th sees the Full Moon in Capricorn, which will bring intense emotions revolving around family members, problems with older relatives, relocating and potential real estate problems. This may have mild effects from merely cleaning house to massive effects of emotional turbulence.

Stern Saturn will make his move into your 4th house on December 20th. You will spend more time looking after the responsibilities of the family and home, become a father figure in some way or have an older family relative to take care of. Saturn is the Taskmaster, and you will be building a foundation on which to base your inner needs of comfort and security. Hard lessons, heavier responsibilities, restrictions, and even loneliness may invade your space. It will be important to handle any problems with maturity. Childhood memories, habits, unresolved family agreements or problems from the past could resurface now. It's a good time to delve into your ancestry, get to the roots of the family tree and the serious side of rearing a family.

The Sun also beams into Capricorn on December 21st, followed by loving Venus when you will devote time to reconnecting with family, and improving your relationship with them. This is the time to entertain, invite over close friends and think about redecorating.

Leo Work and Health Work and Health: Balancing Your Energies   Go to Top

The Sea-God Neptune remains in sympathetic Pisces, your 6th house of work and health. It will be a long stay, giving inspiration but not necessarily motivation. There's likely to be a lack of concentration, disorientation, and some uncertainly about your work. Your day-to-day routine could be all over the place, not sticking with your work timetable and effectiveness. You may even sacrifice job satisfaction for the sake of the money that it brings in. Are you happy in the role that you play? If you are an artistic type or actor, this may suit you down to the ground as far as exploring your creative side. This is also the time to guard against psychosomatic illnesses, especially addiction to medication and alcohol. Your daily routine could incorporate meditation, and healthy alternative practices.

At the start of the year bold Mars will be in sympathetic Pisces, your 6th house of work and health till January 27th. Your drive and enthusiasm will allow you to get on with necessary administration, combining organisation and efficiency. Handle frustrations in a positive way, as conflicts may arise with work colleagues thanks to your hurried pace to complete tasks. Health matters are likely to arise from accidental injury, fevers, cuts and abrasions to surgical operations.

The Sun radiates into Pisces from February 18th to March 19th when you must take care of your wellbeing, diet, habits and routine. It's the time to follow through with dental and doctor's appointments and have a medical check-up. Pets are in the frame, so keep aware of them too. February 26th sees a New Moon and annular Solar Eclipse in Pisces. This is a major Solar Eclipse, which will influence your work and health depending on other aspects in your chart. It can bring unpredicted events, a sudden job change, and a marked difference to your health plans. You may have concerns for a partner's health, have dealings with hospitals, those less fortunate, and rehabilitating. You will be able to focus on mental activities as Mercury speed into Pisces, from February 25th to March 12th. You'll be able to analyse your work more effectively, and do some research providing you don't daydream too much.

Venus will be centre stage as she redirects her attention back into your 6th house from April 3rd to April 27th. You will have another opportunity to build on work relationships, so forgive and forget and make peace offerings. A second chance may surface where you can take up that job role you had been hoping for. This is also the time to resolve disharmony and apathy in the workplace, and improve your health in some way.

Career Matters Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim   Go to Top

January 12th sees the Full Moon blazing in Cancer, your 10th house of career and ambitions. This will start the balling rolling, influencing opportunities in your career path. It may not be the way you want to go, especially if it impacts on relationships, business partnerships, transport and travel arrangements. There might be light at the end of tunnel, with the possibility of a new career field that will benefit you.

From June to the end of August highlights your vocation and line of business. Mars will set the pace midyear, as from June 4th to July 19th your energy and motivation will be spent on advancing in your career despite the fact that you may ruffle a few feathers with authority types and those in your profession. Work towards your long-term plans, being a leader in your field and receiving recognition. The Sun enters the career scene from June 21st to July 21st, with Mercury following suit from June 21st to July 5th. You'll be able to talk the talk, impress employers, even do some public speaking.

June 24th presents a New Moon in Cancer setting you off on a new direction, or a change in career role. It will be a busy time, expressing your new ideas, plans and viewpoint. Venus will help you reach success from July 31st to August 26th. You'll also enjoy the limelight and there's a chance of being involved in creative and artistic work for your business or career role. Others may find themselves attracted to someone of an age difference, even your boss or someone in authority.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10th will accentuate your personal earnings and finances with positive developments on the home front, through real estate or rental properties. You'll be able to give some thought to joint resources and your income stream through other areas. Venus will assist in raising funds from June 6th to July 4th through unexpected sources, money owing, through a partner, investments or taxes.

Jupiter Leaves Libra

With Jupiter moving into your 2nd house on 10th October, your financial picture is about to change. This is a new cycle, which will give you the opportunity to prosper. There will be a feeling of abundance, so overspending may need to be restrained in order to cover future debts, which may appear insignificant under the current phase. Invest for the future now so that you can meet your long term goals. You may experience an increased tendency to exaggerate your wealth or status to impress others -- a tendency that may tempt you to indulge in unnecessary purchases of luxury items and other status symbols. Other expenditures at this time are likely to involve higher education, political interests, religious or spiritual activities, travel, publishing, and cultural pursuits. Jupiter moves into friendly Sagittarius, your 3rd house of communication, on November 8th, 2018. Bu that's quite a way off yet, dear Libra.

From Jupiter's entrance into Scorpio in October until January 2018 will revolve around your money situation, with November 12th to the 15th bringing good fortune.

Mercury the Messenger Mercury the Messenger  Go to Top

Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, enters a retrograde phase for a brief period of some three weeks, three times a year on average. This year, however, there are four retro phases for you to deal with. During these phases hiccups are likely in communication, travel and transport. Misunderstandings, lack of information, phone and internet problems, along with breakdowns with appliances, machinery and component failure are all in the frame. This occurs thanks to inattention to detail, messages being unclear, or misreading the fine-print in documents. Fine-tune areas that need your attention; other people may be holding back on information that you are after, or has it simply been misplaced, even lost in the mail?

Ideas and plans put in place at the onset of a retrograde period are subject to delays, or being put on the backburner for another time. While Mercury is retrograde, a process of review can effectively resolve problems, more so when Mercury returns to direct motion through the zodiac. Not everyone suffers so much during a retrograde phase, due to Mercury's condition in the natal chart. For instance, should the Divine Messenger be retrograde at your time of birth, it can give you the flow of tidying up loose ends, clearing paperwork, and looking at areas that need your attention. Those with natal Mercury retrograde often do very well during these transiting retrograde periods. If that's you, remember that others may not be so fortunate.

It's important to double-check all arrangements for possible mistakes. Listen to what others have to say and make yourself clearly understood. If possible, hold off on major decisions and purchases, signing crucial documents, and making new verbal or written agreements. This year's Mercury retrograde phases are outlined below, giving you an insight into the year ahead:

December 19, 2016 – January 8th, 2017, Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, 4th/3rd house

This is the remainder of the Mercury retrograde phase that began last year on December 19th, in your 4th house of home and family. Mercury remains retrograde at the start of January in your 4th house of home and family touching on events from December 2016. On January 4th Mercury re-enters friendly Sagittarius your 3rd house of communication, giving you the option on catching up on phone calls, speaking to relatives especially if you were late in giving your best wishes. You'll also chat with neighbours, receive overdue mail and parcels, together with attending to transport and travel arrangements.

The Cosmic Prankster turns direct in Sagittarius on January 8th and moves on into Capricorn your 4th house on January 12th, which is when you will revert your attention back to domestic scene and family concerns, discussions on real estate, possessions, plans on home improvements and repairs. Your mind may be filled with nostalgia while sorting through family photos, heirlooms, trinkets, knick-knacks, and packing away the season's decorations. You will rethink original ideas and plans, and perhaps changing your mind totally once Mercury trips the light fantastic out of his shadow phase on January 28th.

April 9th – 20th, Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, 8th/7th house

On April 9th, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus, your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. Mercury in your 8th house will call for resolving finances with jointly owned accounts, possessions, investments, inheritances, taxes and other people's money. There's likely to be discussion, rearranging of finances, loan approvals, shortage of money and meeting your obligations. Keep your accounting up to date and as accurate as possible well before Mercury turns.

The Cosmic Prankster then re-enters Aries on April 20th, your 7th house of significant commitments. It's time to scrutinize any mutual arrangements you have made in business partnerships, alliances and relationships. Read all documents thoroughly, understanding anything you are signing , but preferably after May 19th. Look back at talks that took place during the end of February, March 23rd to the 28th, and will re-occur from April 27th to the 30th. Venus about to re-enter Aries on the April 28th will help you find resolutions in relationships. Mercury turns direct on May 3rd in Aries, then moves forward to re-enter Taurus, your 8th house on May 16th, but remains in a shadow phase until May 19th.

August 13th to 31st, Mercury Retrogrades in Virgo, 12th/11th house

On August 13th, the Cosmic Prankster turns retrograde in your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. It will be that time of year when you are likely to be quieter than normal, missing someone, or generally needing a quick break from mental activities. Fears from the past, hidden concerns and issues connected with a partner's health may resurface. It won't do you any good rehashing those thoughts, or going over anxiety and other troubling issues. You may get into researching spiritual and religious beliefs, join a secret society, or speak with someone from the past. From September 19th to the 21st, self-delusion may creep in, associated with gambling and managing financial affairs. On the 31st, Mercury re-enters Leo, your 11th house, when your social network of friends will be in the picture. Perhaps an argument with a friend, loved one, or a partner's children needs to be resolved. On September 5th, Mercury turns direct in Leo before moving forward into Virgo on the 10th. Mercury will be out of his shadow phase on September 20th just at the New Moon in Virgo and as Venus enters your 12th house.

December 3 – 23rd, 2017, Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, 3rd house

On August 30th, the Cosmic Prankster turns retrograde in your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. You'll submerge yourself in deeper thought, keeping communication at a low key. From September 1st to the 5th, you'll be attuned to philosophical thinking and expanding the mind through secret doctrines. It's also the time not to let doubts creep in over work disputes, unsettled conditions on the home front, or idle chatter by others. Do positive self-analysis, research and build up your mental reservoir by putting your fears to one side. Mercury turns direct on September 22nd, which will help you overcome any uncertainties. After October 7th, your spirits and expression will lift.

Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon  Go to Top

Your personal Full Moon occurs on April 11th. This Full Moon will mark a culmination of major events that took place back in October 2016. You'll have plenty of things on your agenda with Mercury and Venus retrograde. Events over the next two weeks will revolve around discussions in relationships, joint finances, business partnerships, agreements and commitments. Your emotions will be fuelled by circumstances and sensitive emotional issues, so remain optimistic and drama free. Try to reach amicable agreements, balance with each other's needs and let ego differences rest.

Your personal New Moon occurs on October 19th in your 1st house of personality. You will come alive during this phase, as life seems to be bringing you fantastic opportunities. However be aware that you will have urges for more freedom in relationships, especially for those born towards the end of the sign. Pay more attention to your self-image and self-confidence. You'll be looking great with either a new hairdo or stylish clothes that suit you no end. You may have to deal with unexpected changes, a turn of events in relationships and business partnerships and how that will impact your personal needs.

Eclipses Eclipses  Go to Top

Eclipses can instigate a major turning point in your life, and are best not to be ignored. They have a long-lasting effect over some 6 months, having a much stronger effect than regular lunation cycles. Depending on your natal chart, this of course can vary due to planetary degrees and aspects. Here are the eclipses for 2017:

A Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 11th will influence your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. It will emphasize sentimental feelings towards friends, love relationships and partnerships. With sensual Venus and passionate Mars floating through your 7th house of relationships and Mercury in your 5th house of romance, there's bound to be sweet words and plenty of amorous moments. Some Librans could make a commitment, which may take plenty of friends by surprise. Express your individuality, not only with the people you mix with but also in your relationships. You'll have a sense of release, which can bring you happiness. Others will feel the urge to break free of restrictions and relationships that hold you back. You'll want to accomplish your future goals, and work towards your dreams with the assistance of friends, loved ones, groups, associations and organisations.

A New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th will be in your 6th house of work and health. This significant Solar Eclipse will revolve around events from September 2016. It's a harbinger of major changes and covers a six month phase. Your emotions could get in the way of rationality, with not only your job on your mind but also business partnerships, relationships, and those that you work with. This won't be the time to be headstrong, big note yourself, make hasty decisions or change jobs. Now that could be forced on you. Unexpected incidents could be life-changing and take on an altered course with your work, health, diet and routine. You may experience arguments and dramas from February 25th to March 3rd. Let the dust settle and review your situation when you are in a better frame of mind.

A Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th occurs in your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculations. This is a strong partial Lunar Eclipse exciting your intensity in love relationships, romantic adventures and love attractions. There's the potential for emotional dramas with friends, associates and groups. Be considerate of the feelings of other people, as you are likely to be rather gung ho. Your actions may speak louder than your words, something which you may regret later. Mercury will go retrograde on August 13th, so your good intentions could be misconstrued. You may find yourself involved in sporting activities, going to the gym, and some form of recreational activities. Time spent with children will play an important part, whether your own offspring or those of other people, although this could also cause a point of conflict in love relationships.

A New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st affects your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. This Solar Eclipse will influence the direction you take for personal growth, working hard towards your future ambitions with the assistance of friends, and those that can help you along your path to reach your desires. With Mercury retrograde and about to re-enter your 11th house on August 31st, you will be able to repair and talk through areas that have caused you concern. It will be to your advantage to rectify difficulties in old friendships and love relationships by being reasonable and understanding. Consider the influence friends have had on your values, ideals and aspirations.

That's it for the Annual Forecast for 2017, dear Libra. Don't forget to follow up by reading our regular monthly and weekly forecasts for more detailed analysis. For a personal forecast tailored just for your individual needs, visit our order page and select Monthly Personal Predictions or a personal Annual Forecast and Transit Report. Have a great year in 2017.


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