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Sagittarius, the Archer. Click for more on Sagittarius
Sagittarius, the Archer, Body Art by Rudy Everts
bullet Relationships: The Journey to the Heart
bullet Career & Finances: Stake Your Claim
bullet Home & Away: Family and Children
bullet Health: Balancing Your Energies
bullet Mercury: Periods of Confusion
bullet Lunar Life: Your Very Own Moon
bullet Eclipses: Turning Points

2013 Horoscope Forecast
Sagittarius, the Archer 
better health and relationships

Assertive Mars in Aquarius invigorates your 3rd house of communication as the year begins, helping you to speak out loud and clear. In fact, the first few days of January are fantastic for pitching your ideas, goals, and desires as Venus intercedes on your behalf. Of course, with Saturn in your 12th house of subconscious matters squaring Mars during the first week, you may be more prone to Freudian slips and foot-in-mouth disease. Choose your words carefully according to your audience! This may also be an especially busy time as Mars keeps you running errands and tending to obligations in your community. Try to breathe in peace and breathe out stress as you travel locally, otherwise you may find yourself succumbing to road rage.

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th connects with powerful Pluto, communicative Mercury, and affectionate Venus in your 2nd house of money and values, urging you to take a close look at what you have, what you want, and what is most important to you. With Uranus activating your 5th house of pleasure and creativity, you may need to budget your leisure activities more stringently.

Fortunate Connections

With Jupiter, your life-ruler, in clever Gemini and your 7th house of marriage and partnerships during the first half of the year, you can look forward to fortunate connections with others. The month of May is a great time to get married, begin a new relationship, or go into business with someone whose personality complements yours. Because Gemini is a dual sign, you might have two good things going at any given moment. While this might be fine for business ventures with others, it is likely to cause complications in romance! Jupiter demands a certain amount of freedom, so try to find the balance between independence and togetherness.

Expansive Jupiter enters clannish Cancer and activates your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes after June 26th, bringing you benefits through others. The second half of the year brings inheritances, legal settlements in your favor, and gifts that can make life a little easier. If you need to apply for a loan, the third week of July favors good terms for you. You can also bring a more spiritual tone to your intimate relationships, as Jupiter can be both lusty and otherworldly!

Behind the Scenes

Saturn moving through Scorpio and your 12th house of solitude suggests that you still have some work to complete behind the scenes. Over the next two years or so, you'll be involved in long term projects that you'll be working on alone, and perhaps at times you will feel discouraged about. This is a time for perseverance and fortitude, keeping in mind that once Saturn enters your sign in January 2015, you will be starting a new cycle.

Several transits will trigger Saturn's influence in your 12th house this year, including a Mercury Retrograde and a few lunations. Saturn in the 12th tends to dreg up deeply rooted fears, making this a good time to examine your motivations. If you are doing anything out of fear, it is time to face those demons and shoo them away.

Love and Money Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

The year gets off to a fun start with Venus in Sagittarius and your 1st house of personality and appearance. This is a wonderful time to meet new people, as you are sure to make a great first impression. The Goddess of Love moves into your 2nd house of personal finances on January 9th, meeting up with Pluto, Lord of Regeneration, on January 17th. This is a time to seriously consider (and reconsider) what you value and how you prioritize. Your personal talents, which are forms of resources, are also coming into focus. What skills do you have that benefit you most? Plan to put them to better use in the coming weeks.

Venus moves into humanitarian Aquarius and your 3rd house of siblings and neighbors on February 2nd, bringing greater harmony to your community relationships. However, as Venus squares Saturn around February 11th, you may feel misunderstood or left out by those around you. It also may be that you simply have too much work to do, making it hard for you to join in on the fun!

On February 26th, Venus makes a splash into compassionate Pisces and your 4th house of home and family, joining forces with mystical Neptune. For all the craziness your family might cause at times, they are also a source of great comfort for you. Beautify your surroundings and spend more time at home with your loved ones as you have an opportunity to create and experience your own version of heaven on earth.

Venus enters impulsive Aries and your 5th house of pleasure and creativity on March 22nd, urging you to get back in touch with your inner child. Love affairs that begin now are like a spring day, joyful and inspiring but not necessarily long lasting. With Uranus in your 5th house, the chance of unplanned pregnancy increases. For some this might be a wonderful thing, but others will want to practice sensible and reliable prevention!

Venus moves into sensual Taurus and your 6th house of health and duty on April 15th, inspiring you to make working and living conditions for yourself and those around you more pleasant and efficient. Love in the office is more likely to take root, which is fine as long as it doesn't violate any company policies.

Some of the luckiest days of the year begin on May 9th, when attractive Venus enters versatile Gemini and your 7th house of marriage and partnerships. This helps to bring love and affection back into your closest relationships as well as bestow good fortune on business partnerships. This is also a wonderful time to get married or otherwise celebrate an important relationship.

After June 3rd, Venus slips into Cancer and your 8th house of intimacy. Taking a love relationship to the next level or renewing tenderness in a sexual relationship is easier as Venus encourages empathy. The 8th house also signifies other people's resources, making this a good time to ask for any help you might need.

Try Something New

Venus roars into Leo and your 9th house of travel and adventure on June 27th, inspiring you to try something new. You can expect to have a lovely time while travelling, and perhaps make some lovely new friends along the way. If you have in-laws or relatives at a distance to contend with, Venus's presence will make communications easier.

Once the planet of love moves into service-oriented Virgo and your 10th house of career and public standing after July 22nd, your boss and other authority figures will notice your efforts and possibly even reward you in the form or a raise or promotion. The public really does appreciate your integrity and attention to detail, and you deserve the kudos!

Celebrate with your pals, when Venus moves into Libra and your 11th house of friends and associates on August 16th. If you are a single Archer, get out there and meet some likeminded new people! Working with others to create a more peaceful, harmonious world can bring you pleasure now. Why not join a group that supports your favorite causes?

You'll want to retreat from the spotlight after Venus enters penetrating Scorpio and your 12th house of secrets and solitude on September 11th, urging you to slow down and reflect upon your relationships. Traditionally, this is a time of secret affairs and clandestine activity, but in modern times it often signifies working in a selfless and charitable way.

Once Venus enters Sagittarius, your 1st house of personality on October 7th, you'll be ready to make your entrance. More people are drawn to you and interested in what you have to offer, so go ahead and make your moves. This is also a great time to try a new hairstyle or buy new clothes that express your personality.

Your hard work starts to pay off after November 5th, when Venus enters success-oriented Capricorn and your 2nd house of personal finance. This is another good time to ask for a raise or seek a promotion, as Venus gives your finances a boost and attracts good fortune. Because Pluto is transiting your 2nd house for several years to come, issues that surfaced back in January may come up again. Everything regarding this house will be experienced more intensely as Pluto leads you through personal transformation, forcing you to let go of old, outdated attitudes for a new way of being. In the case of the 2nd house, you will be evaluating not only what you have, but seriously considering what it is that you value. Venus turns retrograde on December 21st, which means she will remain in your 2nd house until March 2014, giving you months to consider how you earn a living and whether or not your efforts are in line with what you love and believe in.

Home and Family Home and Family  Go to Top

Neptune is taking a long, slow walk through your 4th house of home and family this year, and you may find yourself becoming more spiritual when it comes to family matters due to the subtle changes you are going through. On one hand, you'll want to make your home a more ideal place, and this is quite possible under Neptune's influence. Just don't lose sight of reality, as families are made up of actual people, and people cannot be perfect.

On the other hand, Neptune has a way of causing confusion and undermining your sense of confidence and security. Avoid any form of escapism, especially those that can lead to addiction, so you can remain as lucid and objective as possible. The health of one of your parents may be in question throughout the year, and this may come to your attention in November, when Mars adds stress and pressure to your family ties.

Work and Health Work and Health  Go to Top

This year is all about work and health as Mars and Jupiter harmonize. Even with all the demands on you now, you can depend on a strong constitution and work ethic to get you through. The danger is in having too much of a good thing and becoming overconfident in your abilities to meet deadlines and carry workloads.

It is imperative that you find a way to balance your work duties with your health needs. Go easy on the corporate lunches and heavy on the time you spend in the office gym… or at least avoid the fast food fix and spend more time walking or cycling to where you need to be. Pay special attention to this year's Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius, because those will be the times when situations reach critical mass.

Career Matters Career Matters  Go to Top

As mentioned earlier in this forecast, Pluto moving through Capricorn and your 2nd house of personal finance and values will transform the way you earn a living and what you value. If you have been working at something that essentially goes against what you believe in, this will become harder and harder to do this year. Pluto can bring riches, but more often than not, there is a high price to pay. If this price is your integrity, it is time to make a decision... otherwise you may find that continuing to pay the price is not worth it.

In August, expansive Jupiter will oppose controlling Pluto, bringing to mind the epic battles the Gods fought. If you want to become truly rich and resourceful, you may need to overcome some fears you have related to financial security. Sometimes the best strategy is to just let go, and trust that everything is unfolding as it was meant to be.

Mercury the Messenger Mercury the Messenger  Go to Top

What does Mercury Retrograde hold for you this year? Mercury goes retrograde three times a year for about three weeks each time. During these retrogrades, you can expect miscommunication, delays in travel, and breakdowns in machinery and appliances. Usually these breakdowns are due to neglect or lack of attention to detail and the retrograde period simply brings these problems to the surface. It’s often a good idea to hold off on making any important decisions, purchases, or signing contracts when Mercury is retrograde. Brides who are planning weddings should certainly consult an astrologer to avoid scheduling the Big Day during a retrograde! On the positive side, Mercury retrograde is excellent for research and investigation. It is a time to go over everything carefully, looking for loopholes, mistakes, and weaknesses. Here are this year’s Mercury retrogrades and how they are likely to impact you:

February 23rd – March 17th Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, 4th House

This Retrograde may feel like deja vu as Mercury went retrograde in your 4th house about at almost the exact same time in 2012. Fortunately, this time around you should be more aware of the problems at home that need to be worked on. This is a good time to check on the health of your dwelling... look for problems that have been quietly developing so that you can begin to make necessary repairs. In family relationships, it's time to check up on Mom or Dad. Of course, with Neptune here you may have trouble communicating clearly and confusion is likely to muck things up. Fortunately, once Mercury turns direct you can sort everything out and move forward with needed action.

June 26th – July 20th, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, 8th House

When Mercury turns retrograde in your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes, you may be frustrated with issues related to the resources of others. If you are expecting a payment related to joint finances, it may be delayed during the retrograde. Intimate relationships may suffer from anxiety or preoccupation with finances ... it is very hard to relax and enjoy closeness at this time. Some of you may be the subject of an investigation or security clearance, which is fine if you have nothing to hide! This can also be a very psychically sensitive period, and by the time Mercury turns direct on July 20th, you should be more aware of your financial circumstances and what your best moves are from here.

October 21st – November 10th, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, 12th House

Again, here is another retrograde that takes you back in time as Mercury revisits your 12th house of secrets and solitude. This time around Saturn is involved, adding greater difficulty to the transit. Anxiety and depression could set in, especially if you have been overwhelmed lately. This retrograde favors research behind the scenes, especially related to hospitals, prisons, and other institutions. Gather all the information you can before making any important decisions. You may have some hard choices to make, but ultimately these decisions will help you move forward. By the time Mercury turns direct on November 10th, you'll see the road ahead more clearly.

Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon  Go to Top

Your personal New Moon occurs on December 3rd, signaling the dawn of your personal New Year. This is the best opportunity of the year for a new beginning, so don't hesitate to create a fresh start where you need one. Think back on the past year and consider what you want to create in the coming year, using the wisdom you have gained. The closer the New Moon is to your actual birthday, the more impact it will have, so make a wish for all you desire in the coming year! Like everyone else, you face many challenges, but this is your chance to set your intentions and goals for the coming days. Celebrate simply being yourself and every new opportunity you are given.

Your Full Moon (and Eclipse!) happens on May 25th and represents the culmination of what you started 6 months ago during your New Moon in December 2012. This tends to be a highly emotional time, as the Moon represents our feelings and responses. Decisions you made around your last birthday are now beginning to bear fruit, for better or for worse. Some of you may have encountered obstacles in your path and have had to change course. You will need your mate, best friend, or partner to be supportive and understanding as you move forward, so keep the lines of communication clear. Express yourself openly and honestly, and celebrate your progress while planning for what still lies ahead.

Eclipses Eclipses  Go to Top

Eclipses indicate change in the area of life they impact, and are often felt for much longer than regular lunations. In cases where the eclipse makes a close aspect to planets or angles in your chart, they can be felt for up to a year. Here is what to look for during the eclipse cycle of 2013:

A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on April 25th could bring a health issue to light, whether it is your health or the health of someone very close to you. This can be an emotionally uncomfortable time, with fear and anxiety threatening to get the best of you. The cliché 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' may come to mind, and at the very least it gives you a more experienced perspective. Certain cycles are ending now, which means the decks are being cleared for new beginnings. Have faith and courage.

A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus on May 10th may signal the beginning of a new career in a health or service related field. Some may be dealing with the health care of others or even facing a health issue of your own. Coworkers and your working environment may be affected by this lunation... perhaps an office move or relocation is in the works. A new and very special pet may come into your life, so be on the lookout for furry, feathered, or scaled angels.

A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 25th activates your 1st house of personality, bringing to fruition many of the changes you have been experiencing over the past few months. This also happens to be your personal Full Moon and those of you who were born in November are likely to feel the lunation most strongly. It's important to share your feelings and concerns with those who are closest to you, and to allow them to celebrate your successes as well as lament your losses.

A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 18th may be the most unpredictable of the year, as it combines with erratic Uranus in your 5th house of children and creativity. Keep a close eye on the children in your life, as they are more prone to illness and accidents. Love affairs may be tumultuous now, whether you find yourself falling in love at first sight or being unceremoniously dumped (or doing the dumping yourself!). On the other hand, some of you may have a total Eureka moment as the Muse visits you when you least expect it. Be open and flexible.

A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3rd activates your 12th house of subconscious matters and is a preview to events that could occur during the Full Moon in Taurus on November 17th. Because Mercury is also retrograde now, you are best served by reflecting and researching rather than trying to begin anything new. Anything that you have been working on behind the scenes should continue, as it not yet time to complete this cycle. Believe it or not, much of what is happening now is leading you to greater enlightenment. Be open to meaningful coincidences and generating good karma.

That’s it for the Annual Forecast of 2013, dear Archer! Don’t forget to follow up by reading the monthly forecast for more detailed analysis. For a personal forecast tailored just for your needs, visit our order page and select Monthly Personal Predictions or a personal Annual Forecast and Transit Report.

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