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Astrological Houses
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The Eleventh House

The eleventh house rules friendships, organizations to which you belong, and income derived from self-employment or career (as opposed to wages earned from a job). It relates to the role you play in the lives of others as child, parent, lover, spouse, friend, social or business associate. The eleventh house also describes your hopes and aspirations and capacity for happiness.

Planets in the eleventh house reflect particular facets of these matters; for example, a well-aspected Moon in the eleventh house indicates individuals who are apt to be well liked, optimistic and idealistic. Even those with a strong personality may tend to rely heavily on what their friends and associates think. In turn, they are endlessly involved with the many confidences entrusted to them by these people. Their hopes and aspirations will be tied into their relationships with others, especially in the public arena, so they will be prominent in clubs and other organisations to which they are drawn.

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