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Welcome to AstroScope Me!

Rob Tillett, Astrologer and Wizard
Rob Tillett

It's great to see you here on AstroScope Me. Our group of astrologers, musicians, healers, artists, philosophers, numerologists and esoteric practitioners have a new online home! This rapidly growing baby features the work of Rob Tillett, Suzanna Collins, Sue Hopper, Lili Rosace, Richard Giles, Stephen Kane, Lyn Busuttil, Ram Ramakrishnan, Malvin Artley and many others. See our bio page.

You'll love our quality articles on astrology and related topics, our relationship and soul connection sections — and of course our horoscopes and forecasts! Why not add us to your favorites right now before you forget. There's no way you'll absorb everything we have to offer in just one visit... There's new material each and every week!

Go to Top Horoscopes, Character and Predictions

Predicting the future using the horoscope is one of the traditional uses of Astrology. Horoscopes are used by millions today, as a reliable guide and forecasting tool for future trends and tendencies.
Suzanna Collins, Astrologer
Suzanna Collins

Astrology shows that the stars and planets are a map to our personalities and a guide to our place in the world. Our character and destiny is clearly outlined in our birth chart — future developments and inclinations may be timed and explained (or even modified) using the progressions and transits to the natal chart, or horoscope.
A horoscope (containing an astrological forecast) will place these trends into a context, with regard to our own personal destinies. Our daily horoscopes also contain numbers and colours favoured by the planetary patterns for the day.

Check out our brilliant daily horoscopes, insightful monthly horoscopes and mystical tarotscopes. And don't forget our tasty explorations of the signs, their relationships and sexuality.

Go to Top Relationships and Soul Connection

Astrology can provide us with useful information and a revealing perspective on how we relate to other people in our lives.
Lili Rosace, Psychic
Lili Rosace
Our Astro Love Compatibility sector is absolutely brilliant! All types of relationships can be explored: love, family, business — you name it. You can discover through astrology how you relate with particular types of people, and about the nature of the relationships themselves. Read more on relationships...

0ur soul is the deepest part of our being. It is the source of our feelings. People come together for a reason. When two people are important to each other, they form a Soul Connection. Soul-centred astrology teaches the meaning of our relationships. No compatibility projection, whether for love or business, is reliable unless the cosmic factors are taken into account.

Go to Top Connection to the Cosmos

Astrology reveals our connections to the cosmos.
Sue Hopper
Sue Hopper
From political, economic and social developments to powerful natural events such as earthquakes and other potential disasters, astrology shows how our deep relationships are connected to the cosmos. The symbolism of astrology is profound, transcending the trivial explanations offered by the media, intelligentsia and the chattering classes.

No analysis of significant issues in the world is complete without considering the deeper forces at work. Political crises, natural disasters, wars, revolutions and other social developments are mirrored in the phases of the cosmos, as revealed by the astrological patterns shown in the framework of astrology.

Go to Top Timing and Location

Astrology is the perfect tool for deciding the timing of important events, ventures and celebrations.
Richard Giles, Feng Shui
Richard Giles
Many of our most beloved holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, were originally set up according to astrological considerations. If you are looking for the most favourable period in which to begin, restructure, or even end something important (a wedding; business venture; political event; moving house, etc.), be wise and order an astrological timing analysis (called an "election').

Have you felt that the place in which you live is stifling, or prevents the flourishing of your real talents? Relocating to your ideal environment is the solution, but how can you know if a new location will be favourable, or be even worse than where you are now..?
The power of astrology is not just a function of time, but also of place and a relocated chart can reveal the most positive location for you, your health, your occupation and your relationships.

Go to Top Spiritual Meaning

Astrology is a complete worldview.
Malvin Artley, Astrologer
Malvin Artley
As well as presenting a valuable personal guide to your character, health, occupation, finances and relationships, a deeper understanding of your horoscope can reveal spiritual as well as psychological, social and physical characteristics.
Astrology shows that we are all connected and that we come into this life to fulfil a purpose and to achieve spiritual milestones. Even the darkest night has a dawn to come and astrology reveals the timing and colour of the dawn. Don't leave it too late, or you might have to deal with your issues again in another life!

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